Redefining gourmet cafe


by Irene Tria, via

What is Qaldi?

Pronounced as Kal-dee derived from the word Kaldi or the discovery of the coffee beans is the newest concept shop that redefines coffee bar and your dining experience. The first and only gourmet cafe in the vicinity of Putatan, Muntilupa City. Qaldi is one of the 2015 Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence Awardee as Best Gourmet Coffee Restaurant in Metro Manila.


The Qaldi Coffee Bar is the best place for everyone who want to feel energized, lively, refreshed and inspired.




Aside from their best tasting coffee and frappes…

Caramel Machiato
Caramel Macchiato

Macchiato, pronounced “mah-key-ah-toh,” literally means “marked” or “stained” in Italian. Traditionally, a Caffé Macchiato or Espresso Macchiato is a shot or two of espresso, with just a small amount of steamed milk that “marks” the espresso, though in some regions, the steamed milk comes first and the espresso makes the mark.

Caramel Macchiato the milk gets marked not once, but twice – first by shots of the signature espresso, and then by rich caramel sauce.

Qaldi Gold
Qaldi Gold Frappe

Qaldi Gold Frappe is a special roasted single origin-arabica coffee beans mixed with special ingredients infused with Organo Gold Chocolate blended with brownies and Fererro Rocher chocolate.

Qaldi Pink Frappe
Qaldi Pink Frappe

Qaldi Pink Frappe is loaded with fresh strawberry puree and strawberry blast that is mouthwatering, you can’t stop sipping.

…they also offer delectable pastas and delicious rice meals, carefully crafted by Qaldi’s very own culinary team.

Greek Pork
Greek Pork Php 130

Qaldi Greek Pork is a pan grilled pork belly on special spices and herbs with lettuce, cucumber and tomato on the side.

Creamy Classic Tomato
Creamy Classic Tomato Ala Carte – Php 175 Platter – Php 195

The Qaldi Creamy Classic Tomato is a combination of creamy and tomato sauce with special herbs topped with Parmesan cheese served with garlic bread.

Qaldi Creamy Pesto Ala Carte - Php 175 Platter - Php 195
Qaldi Creamy Pesto
Ala Carte – Php 175 Platter – Php 195

Qaldi Creamy Pesto on the other hand is a combination of creamy and pesto sauce topped with Parmesan cheese, served with garlic bread. You can choose from Breast Chicken or Frankfurter Sausage.

Did you know that the logo of QALDI is actually the top view of a coffee mug and water mark of a glass.