Reasons To Visit Alibaug When Planning Your Next Vacation

Visit Alibaug| Reasons To Visit Alibaug When Planning Your Next Vacation | Alibaug is a town in Raigad District of Maharashtra in Western Indian. The coastline in this area runs directly on the Arabian Sea, which makes this area attractive for tourists when it comes to a variety of water sports and the lovely weather conditions. Due to its location in the Raigad District, it is famous for its historical heritage, beaches, and temples that are dedicated to the Hindu gods. 

Alibaug is often compared to a type of paradise thanks to its stunning appearance and natural resources. It has swiftly become one of the main tourist destinations in this country, along with many things to see and do. It is in this coastal town that people from all over the world can enjoy nature at its best, along with the calm climatic conditions. Here is an overview of the best places to visit in Alibaug to make the most of your vacation. 

1. Kolaba Fort

This old military structure is situated in the Konkan region. Kolaba Fort is one of the top attractions in this town. A visit to this ancient site will transport you back in time, where you get to find out the interesting history of the area and this Fort. If you visit the Fort during low tide, you can walk there. If you plan to visit during high tide, it is recommended to hire a boat to ensure your safety. 

2. Varsoli Beach

Varsoli Beach may not be one of the most popular beaches in the area, but it is a great beach to visit due to the way it is isolated. There are many cottages and resorts to choose from in the locality where you get to enjoy soft white sandy beaches, fishing, and boat rides. And if you are looking for Alibaug villas with pool on rent then you are in luck, as there are many exotic villas in and around Alibaug which can accommodate your entire family at very affordable price. This is one of the most exotic beaches for those who prefer a calm and constant climate. There are also a variety of adventure sports to choose from in the area. 

3. Hirakot Lake 

Hirakot is a large freshwater lake, surrounded by manicured gardens and natural beauty. This is the ideal destination if you would like to spend a relaxing and serene day surrounded by tranquility and nature. The Hirakort Fort is close by along with other tourist attractions if you are interested in a bit of sightseeing. This area is ideal for boat rides, water sports activities, exploring and strolling. 

4. Parasailing At Nagaon Beach

If you are looking for a thrilling water sport on your next trip to visit Alibaug, why not try parasailing at Nagaon Beach. You can do this activity every day from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM. Parasailing is an activity that includes all the necessary gear, the parasailing wing, and a vehicle to pull the parachute. It is one of the best ways to take in the stunning view over the Arabian Sea and the beautiful stretches of beaches along with the breath-taking landscapes. One of the best parts of this activity is the excitement and adrenaline rush you will feel as you start soaring high up into the sky. 

5. Camping At Kashid Beach In Alibaug

Situated 125 km from Mumbai and 30 km from Alibaug, Kashid Beach is located on the coastline of the Arabian Sea. This area is well-known for its crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches, and stunning cliffs. This beach stretches over 3 km and is surrounded by Casuarina trees, which help to complement the natural beauty and charm of this area. 

This campsite offers you the opportunity to enjoy night camping, many water sports, and horse riding along the beach. The Murad Janjira Fort is only 20 km away and offers an insight into the history of this area. Weekends at this beach are usually crowded, so if you enjoy less of a crowd, it would be better to make your booking during the week. 

This campsite offers the ideal opportunity to spend some time with family and friends around a bonfire listening to beautiful music. There are many activities on offer for both children and adults. The booking will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A BBQ and seafood delicacies are made available once the bonfire is lit.