Real Natural Foods and Packaged Foods – Knowing the Difference

Real Natural Foods

Foodfinds AsiaThere’re substantial differences between both of them. To analyze that, we have to consider MAIN difference when we know about two words, “Real Natural” & “Packaged.”

Real Foods – Untouched and modified, and straight from the tree or vine

Packaged Foods – The processed, packaged, modified and “enhanced and tampered with.”

Now you can see that both these descriptions are on its extreme, and you should know that if it is modified and processed, then it is not natural – in the natural state.

Your body can consume everything you put inside, and have to deal with it in the best possible way. It includes all modified and processed foods and some of them aren’t bad, and some, are not good.

Now, real health concerns on what foods you have to consume will not be the big debate, except foods that you put inside your body can either do good or bad. Like you can imagine, you need to be very careful about processed foods that we eat, and realize that everything has got consequences. No matter whether it’s in the secondary effect, short term or long term, it can affect your body at some way or the other. Are you a fan of Pizza and looking for the right deal? Continue reading further. 

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We need to know that though packaged foods (or processed foods) generally affect us in a different way, there’re a few fundamental ways where we can react, and usually it is a degree of reaction, which varies among all of us.

Now it is what I would like you to do. First, you have to know what is there in your fridge or pantry. What’s in the food cupboard? Here you need to be very honest to get most from this information.

Reason it is very important is we will often “fool ourselves” in thinking “it is just a little bit,” and “it is a treat.” Here’s a real question… Is this a treat? Well, treat each night isn’t a treat. It has become a part of the staple diet. You need to know if you are eating too much of “nasties,” which react poorly to your body?

Here’s the typical list of food items found in many ‘western society pantries’ or fridges:

  • Cookies (crackers and biscuits)
  • Potato crisps or corn chips
  • Cup cakes
  • Rice crackers or corn and rice shapes
  • Muslie bars or rice bars or nut bars
  • Donuts 
  • Candy or lollies and sweets on sticks and wrapped sweets 
  • Confectionary like chocolate bars
  • Premade pasta meals and instant noodles
  • Mints or breath mints and candy suckers 
  • Juices and fruit drinks 
  • Beers and wines
  • soda drinks and soft drinks 

Now my question is – where is real food in this? Where are all the nutritious fruit & veggies? Do you call this your staple food or diet?

Look out how you and your children react whenever they eat any packaged or processed foods, and see how they will act after they have natural foods. There’s the big difference. Being a parent, I’ve seen it firsthand. There’s the food related behavior that is good and bad.

If you eat one packet of potato chips, you will feel satisfied for short while, and you’re probably empty as well as “unsatisfied” later. It is because they generally lace chips and snack with the salts and flavours, which make you to ‘have more’.