Quick Ways to Promote Your Restaurant through Social Media


By Ana Margarita A. Olar | Foodfindsasia.com

One of the most common and likely to be successful business nowadays is the food business.  They offer mouthwatering food, a good ambiance, friendly staffs but the income stream is still unsteady. And what’s the missing ingredient?  Your marketing strategy!  And the most convenient way to promote your business is through social media. Hesitating to start? Here are some quick ways to promote your restaurant:

Use Facebook promotion:

Due to the boom of technology nowadays, most customers who dine at restaurants can’t resist sharing their fantastic or disastrous dining experience through social media. Posting of menus ordered at a restaurant occurs naturally these days. So why not use this opportunity to promote your restaurant?  You may not be aware of it, but costumers who eat at your restaurant are posting whether they are satisfied or not with your menu.

Here are some tips to utilize Facebook for marketing:

  • Have a delicious cover image.

Feel free to use your artistic side to create your cover photo. It should portray the ambiance and the overall experience of costumers who dine at your restaurant. It may include photos of your specialties, satisfied and smiling costumers who are dining at your restaurant, or special events held at your restaurant. Make your cover photo an appealing one to entice immediately- the taste buds of your customers.

  • Post delicious photos of your menu.

Most people nowadays are foodies looking for incredible menus on social media such as Facebook. So make your menu appealing, and if possible add some innovations to make potential costumers be intrigued on what your dish tastes like. Make your customers crave for your dish through pictures that you post.  Curious customers mean extra flow of cash to your restaurant.


Use twitter marketing:

Aside from Facebook, Tweets can spread at a phenomenal rate every day. This social media platform is also a successful marketing tool which can be used for your advantage. It is frequently used through mobile so posting and updating are easy and convenient.

Here are some tips to promote your restaurant through twitter:

  • Include link to your menu.

This will be a helpful tool for your clients so that it will be easier for them to look choose from your dishes even before they go to your resto. And this convenience will help to convince more costumers to visit your restaurant,

  • Include photos of your food.

Posting a photo of your delicious meals can attract craving costumers to try your foods.

  • Use twitter hashtags.

Include hashtags in your updates because they are also popular on twitter. Using hashtags automatically directs you to the list of photos for the specified subject of hashtags.

Once you have mastered these basic quick tips you can also try experimenting on other Social Medias such as Instagram, YouTube, Foursquare, or Yelp. Be creative and imaginative. Anything that can add to your stream of hungry customers (and eventually add to your income stream) is worth a try.