Prolong your Life: Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine Every Day

Drinking Red Wine Every Day

Foodfinds Asia | Some people think that drinking red wine is a bad habit for your health. The truth is, considering wine as part of your healthy habit comes with surprising benefits. Especially when you drink it before going to bed.

Responsible drinking of red wine may extend your life according to doctors. Thus, there are people who responsibly consume this before going to bed. Red wine improves blood circulation and may prevent diseases such as lung and breast cancer.

From the fact that red wine prevents breast cancer, a lot of women make wine as part of their healthy lifestyle. Let’s figure out more reasons why.

Red Wine Contains Ellagic Acid

Ellagic acid is a chemical that slows the growth of fat cells. It is known for its antioxidant properties which help remove toxins in our body. This is also a good compound that protects your cells from free radicals.

This chemical is helpful in burning more fats. It also boosts the metabolism of fatty acids in liver cells. There is no doubt why there are more women regularly consume red wine especially those on diet.

According to research, drinking one bottle of red wine in the evening helps women to lose some weight. Women who consume wine are slimmer than those who don’t. Men are advised to have two glasses of wine every night.

Red Wine has Fewer Calories

Having enough amount of calories in your body is not bad at all. But, having too much can lead to weight gain. Most foods like junk foods or chips have a high amount of calories. Thus, eating this excessively, especially at night, is bad for your health.

Admit it or not, we often found ourselves in the kitchen looking for some chips or ice cream before going to bed. Even if we are not hungry, the taste of sweet and salty foods seem to call out attention. This habit is called evening snacks.

But instead of eating unhealthy foods, why not drink a healthy wine? Red wine has fewer calories than chips and ice cream. Having a high amount of calories in a food or drink may increase the possibility of gaining weight. The worst scenario, having an obese body.

Red Wine can Help you Sleep Better

Doctors claim that drinking red wine in moderation helps you relax and relieve your stress. Thus, having it at night, helps you sleep better.

Studies found out that those who moderately enjoy red wine during their dinner have a better quality of sleep. Therefore, if you are having difficulties in sleeping, the best solution would red wine.

For the best solution, avoid drinking too much caffeine throughout the day. Don’t forget to turn off your screen as well before sleeping. Together with this helpful habit surely you will have a better sleep.

Now let’s talk about red wine in general, its health benefits in our body. How it affects our health and prolong life?

It Boosts your Immune System

Red wine is a great alternative for multivitamins. Red wine keeps your immune system healthy. One of the main reasons why people choose drinking wine as part of their diet is its benefits.

For those people who have a hectic schedule and gradually forget the importance of their health, better consume red wine.

Reduces the Risk of Stroke

Red wine serves as your natural blood thinner. This specific benefit of wine prevents the possibility of stroke.

In John Hopkins study, red wine is considered to be the main fighters against stroke because of resveratrol. Still, moderation is the key.

Prevents Heart Disease

Considering essential precautions in preventing heart disease is part of the lifestyle of some especially if it’s hereditary. Did you know that wine is also a helpful precaution against heart disease?

Red containing tannins which help neutralize free radicals. This specific role of tannins is one of the most effective ways to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Improves Cognitive Function

Red wine is the food for your brain. Studies found out drinking a glass of red every day improves the function of your brain. Also, it protects the brain from dementia.

Reduces the Chance of Osteoporosis

We cannot deny the sad fact that as we get older, our bones will slowly get brittle. But, you don’t have to be worried about that. Red wine increases your calcium intake.

Red wine is a great help to avoid the chance of osteoporosis by increasing your bone mineral density. Red wine contains enough amount of silicon which is needed by our bones.

There are plenty of red wines offer in different market places. Some of those create their own name because of its benefits to your health.

As a suggestion, try to taste prominent and healthy wines such as Sokolin Red wines to keep your lifestyle healthier. There’s no reason to be skeptical in drinking a single glass of red wine every day.


Sipping a glass of red wine after a hectic day is the best thing that everyone can do which helps you relax. But, don’t be too carried away as excessive or irresponsible drinking may lead to negative effects. Same with how life goes, the key is moderation. Cheers!