Pelagio Bar and Restaurant: Your Fusion of Mexican and Filipino Flavor!


Patricia Aleckzandra | FoodFindsAsia

Another food discovery has been made! Located at the south of Metropolis is a newly opened bar and restaurant that serves mouth-watering Mexican dishes with a bit of Filipino flavor. This small kiosk-type restaurant is decorated with a mix of orange and yellow colors to Match their Mexican theme. To all who wants to try something new, head over to Pelagio Bar and Restaurant.



Pelagio – pronounced as PELAYO – was named after the chef and owner itself. Since his name sounds really Spanish, it fits perfectly for the theme of the restaurant. This restaurant is perfect for someone who just wanted to chill. It is located at the lower ground of Festival Mall, Alabang. It is not part of the air-conditioned part of the mall which is good because you can enjoy the view of the soon-to-be water garden of the mall.

On our visit to the restaurant, we were able to meet the  person behind the delectable Mexican cuisines of the resto – Chef Pelagio Manalang III himself. Opened last September 6, this restaurant promises to give you Mexican dishes you can savor.

We were also fortunate to have a chance to try different Mexican dishes which were all delicious indeed. First on the long list of Mexican dishes was their Fajitas (P360) which was cooked on the spot by Chef Pelagio. Chef used shredded grilled chicken breast. It was spicy but still you will enjoy it.


Next is their six-piece spicy chicken dipped in homemade mayonnaise known as Alitas (P215) which is cooked until golden brown. Do not miss a chance to get the crispiness in every bite!


What is a Mexican dish without quesadilla? For a cheesier taste every time you take a bite, try their Quesadilla (P185) which you can choose between chicken and beef.


For something more familiar to the taste, they have their Grilled Liempo (P310) perfectly cooked into soft and tender meat.

To complete our meal, we had Pelagio Bar and Restaurant’s Agua Fresca (which is fresh water in English) and Horchata (P70). Between the two, Horchata is my personal favorite. It is made up of rice milk and cinnamon which is blended to satisfaction. Chef also said that it is the traditional morning drink in Spain.

pelagio-grilled liempopelagio-agua fresca-horchata

If you want to try authentic Mexican food, head over to Pelagio Bar and Restaurant and enjoy not only the chilling vibe but the delectable food as well!

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