Parmigiano: New Dining Destination for Families in the South


Irene Tria | FoodFindsAsia

If there’s one thing Italians and Filipinos have in common, that is having a close family ties and shared meals that last for hours which is considered as their bonding time for the entire family.

This is exactly the inspiration and motivation of the newest branch of Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria in Molito, Alabang. “We would like to be the new dining destination of families here in the South. Whether for regular lunch, dinner or grand reunions, we want families to come together and go to Parmigiano,” said Giulius Iapino, president of Rigatoni Corp.

After the success of Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria in Newport City Mall, Resorts World Manila, Parmigiano Molito offers family diners an exciting array of authentic Italian cuisine coupled with great customer service.

“Our new menu offering has 92 Italian dishes from appetizers to main courses plus a number of the sweetest desserts which include our best cakes. For beverages, we have regular sodas, fruit juices and shakes, hot and iced coffee, bottled beers, and premium Italian wines,” Iapino added.

Last November 23, Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria officially opens its door to Families in the Southern District of the metro. “Every day is family day” as Parmigiano Molito introduces an improved set of Italian dishes crafted with impromptu ingredients, meticulously-prepared and served with generous portions that are prefect for feasting with the family.

And what made the event so exciting was the actual preparation of Pasta Del Parmigiano using the 45-kilo cheese wheel (Parmigiano Reggiano Wheel), the king of cheeses!

Parmigiano Reggiano Wheel
Parmigiano Reggiano Wheel

Completing it’s sumptuous Italian menu is a variety of seafood, pork, chicken, beef and lamb dishes that are big on flavors but are easy on the pocket.

Now here are my top picks of the Italian dishes served during the launch:

Tiella Di Pesce – originated from Bari-truffle and cream based style paella with assorted vegetables and seafood.
Spaghetti Al Granchio – crab meat with cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce, basil and white wine.
Salmone Alla Griglia – pan-seared salmon fillet served with white wine cream sauce, mashed potatoes, buttered vegetables, and tiger prawns
Ragu Alla Bolognese – classic Italian meat with tomato sauce
Lasagna Alla Bolognese – traditional oven-baked sheets of pasta layered with besciamelle sauce, bolognese, mozarella, and parmigiano cheese
Gamberi Con Rucola Pizza – tomato based topped with buttered shrimp, parmesan, mozarella and arugula leaves drizzled with balsamic reduction
Frutti Di Mare
Frutti Di Mare – tomato based served with scampi, mussels and squid
4 Stagion Pizza - tomato based topped with artichokes, mushroom, basil boiled potato, bell pepper, mozarella and parmesan shaved
4 Stagion Pizza – tomato based topped with artichokes, mushroom, basil boiled potato, bell pepper, mozarella and parmesan shaved

For more exciting dining experience, Parmigiano diners can avail of a 50% discount on Italian coffee whenever customers will try their specialty deserts. And for their opening blowout, Parmigiano Molito brings the popular Pizza Party for the family. Diners can also check out the Quick Mix Deals lunch promo from 11am to 2pm for P280 only.

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