Painted Visual and Gastronomic Feast

Home is where the Art is. The center piece of your dining experience in Painted Table is this 5--‐meter,18 seater communal dining table painted by muralist AG Saño.

Manila, Philippines – Delectable home-cooked meals and colorful visual arts come alive each time a diner walks into Painted Table Restaurant.

Located at the ground floor of Canvas Boutique Hotel in Palawan North Road in Puerto Princesa, Painted Table serves local and Western comfort food while celebrating the works of today’s most talented artists.

Rich in Flavor and dripping with cultural narratives
Comfort dishes Rich in flavour and dripping with cultural narratives, Painted Table’s specially curated menu of comfort dishes are freshly prepared and locally–‐sourced.

The food at Painted Table is an inspiring experience in itself. Under the leadership of Chef Gian Mienard Victorino Lamar, the dishes will highlight fresh ingredients from Palawan. “The food will not only taste good.  More importantly, we will support the farmers and producers “.

 Young and Passionate Chef Gian Lamaar in Action
Young and Passionate Chef Gian Lamaar in Action
Young and Passionate Chef Gian Lamaar in Action
Young and Passionate Chef Gian Lamaar in Action

Start your meal with Painted Table’s Signature Salad, made from cashew, local mango and lamayo.

“I visited the markets and local stores to know what is abundant here in Puerto Princesa.  I discovered cashews, Palawan honey, locally grown mangoes and of course the famous lamayo.  So one day, I got all the ingredients I need from the market and started crafting our signature salad. For the dressing, I used Honey-Calamansi Citronette using local Palawan honey. Instead of croutons, I used crispy fried lamayo to provide texture. I candied the roasted cashews, added slices of ripe mangoes and served it over a bed of crisp lettuce.  It’s like experiencing Puerto Princesa on a plate,” he said.

Also on the menu is Coconut Cream Panna Cotta with Mixed Fruits, made from freshly grated coconuts. Soy Fried Chicken with Palawan Honey Glaze and many more. While waiting for the food to be served, guests can chat and admire the five- meter communal painted table by muralist AG Saño. A major conversation piece that tells a myriad of colorful stories, the entire tabletop is brought to life by vibrant color splashes & dramatic hues depicting nature and well-loved Palawan folklore.

Indeed, Painted Table is a treat for the senses, a unique restaurant where guests can experience culinary and visual artistry at the same time. And amid all the flavors, colors & textures, lies a warm and friendly heart that welcomes guests to the beautiful island.

For more information, follow Canvas Boutique Hotel on Facebook and Instagram or call 0917 807 1360.