New Special Menu – TiNDLE at Schmatz Tokyo


FoodfindsAsia | New Special Menu – TiNDLE at Schmatz Tokyo | SINGAPORE (20 July 2022) – TiNDLE,  the flagship item from Next Gen Foods is currently available as a menu special in Tokyo at Schmatz, the well-known German beer restaurant chain at their Nakameguro and Yokohama branches. At the end of the month, the special will also be available at the Shimokitazawa and Ark Hills locations. Next Gen Foods is a food technology startup established in Singapore that is dedicated to the creation and commercialization of novel and environmentally friendly plant-based food items.

Japan is home to more than 1.4 million restaurants and is widely regarded as the global leader in terms of both the quantity and the quality of its food. To be more specific, Tokyo is a well-loved destination because it has such a high concentration of restaurants and eateries that have won prestigious awards and are highly sought after. These establishments offer everything from the finest examples of Japanese cuisine and cooking techniques to mastery of avant-garde and contemporary fare. TiNDLE is versatile and performs well in a wide range of cooking styles and applications, making the possibilities virtually endless.

The region is experiencing an increase in the demand from consumers for environmentally responsible food production as well as better dining options. According to the research conducted by Euromonitor, the market for meat alternatives in Asia Pacific will reach a value of over $17 billion by the year 2024. This market is anticipated to increase from its current value of $138 million in 2013 to a value of $308 million in 2023 in Japan. [1]

“We’re looking forward to bringing TiNDLE to Schmatz in Tokyo and introducing that same chicken experience that people know and love to Japanese diners,” says Alex Ward, Chief Operating Officer at Next Gen Foods, the company behind TiNDLE. “We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with a celebrated restaurant group like Schmatz – showcasing TiNDLE as a special menu offering – as we work to bring TiNDLE to new parts of the globe and gather deeper intel on what consumers are craving when choosing a plant-based meat over the traditional, animal-based option.”

Marc Luetten, CEO and co-founder of Schmatz, shares, “We are always trying to innovate and bring fun, original elements into the dining experience at Schmatz. Our chefs are proud to have created not only delicious menu items using TiNDLE, but also those that are sustainable and inspire new possibilities for creating a better future for our planet.”

Schmatz is the first restaurant in Tokyo to provide TiNDLE, which is generally recognized as one of the best casual dining venues in all of Japan due to its high-quality cooking and innovative culinary techniques. On the menu at Schmatz, beginning today, the well-known chicken alternative is going to be available in a variety of dishes that are influenced by both German and Japanese cuisine for a limited time.

From its humble beginnings in 2013 as a single food truck in Tokyo to their present growth as a restaurant group and craft beer brand, Schmatz has always been well-known for the savory, imaginative take on modern German cuisine that they serve as well as their warm and welcoming customer service. Today, Schmatz has 40 sites across the country where they serve not just their world-famous sausages but also dishes that are inspired by the seasons and local cuisine.

Made with only nine ingredients, TiNDLE is the first product from Next Gen Foods, a food technology startup helping to make the global food system sustainable by creating delicious food. With no compromise to taste, texture or versatility, TiNDLE also contains no antibiotics, animal hormones, cholesterol, or genetically modified ingredients.

TiNDLE is the first chicken made from plants that was created with chefs and for chefs — a versatile, easy-to-work-with product that has caught the eye of culinary professionals internationally. It is a versatile, easy-to-work-with, plant-based chicken that can take center stage in any dish, from favorites like satay and schnitzel, as well as Döner kebabs or ramen.

In a little more than a year since its launch, TiNDLE has grown from being served in a handful of Singapore-based locations to being offered in more than 500 restaurants across the United States, Asia, Middle East and Europe – including recent launches in the United Kingdom and Germany. The company plans to expand in additional sales channels and markets over the next year, which includes further studying and exploring the appetite for TiNDLE in Japan.

To find the full list of restaurants carrying TiNDLE, visit here. Interested chefs and operators looking to add TiNDLE to their menu can contact for details and samples.