Never Too Late to be a Fast-Rising Culinary Star: Chef Zhe Jacinto


by Homerun Nievera |

Chef Zhe Jacinto is UNTV’s resident chef for the daily program Rise & Shine, aired Monday to Friday, from 8 to 9 in the morning. She has been doing her stint for almost two years already and never seems to run out of new things to concoct. In fact, she is planning to publish a Cook Book to feature more than 200 of her recipes.


Resident Chef of Rise & Shine on UNTV

A graduate of the famous CCA (Philippines), Zhe, as she is known to friends, surprisingly, started as a housewife before she jumped into being a culinary student in 2001. She said she was bored then and needed something else to do. After finishing her culinary course, Chef Zhe found herself being invited to events. She realized her new skill brought her to fun places and it became evident that this is what she loves to do.

With Chef Tatung for the Greenpeace campaign
With Chef Tatung for the Greenpeace campaign

Born with cooking greatness in her blood, Chef Zhe’s grandmother was famous for her “Ube Halaya” and was always invited to cook for big events in their hometown. This, she says, was her realization that cooking makes people happy and she wants to make this her advocacy. As administrator of the Culinary of Filipino Chefs Society (CFCS), she is on the right track. Recently, Chef Zhe has been chosen — with Chef Myke “Tatung” Sarthou — to represent Greenpeace for the anti-GMO campaign.

Some of the CFCS members joining Chef Zhe at Rise & Shine
Some of the CFCS members joining Chef Zhe at Rise & Shine

Chef Zhe Jacinto is a fast-rising star in the culinary field in the Philippines and proves that it is never to late to be one and pursue what you love most.

Checkout some of Chef Zhe’s recipes (from Rise & Shine).