Mushroom Grow Box: Everything You Need to Know

Photo by Thanh Soledas on Unsplash | Mushroom Grow Box: Everything You Need to Know | For many first-time mushroom growers, a mushroom grow box is the most viable option for getting started. Many people prefer to use of these kits because of the learning curve involved. Nevertheless, what is it about these boxes that you need to know? Read on. 

Watch Out For The Shelf Life

For most mushroom growing kits, there will be a shelf life within which the mushroom should grow. Failure to provide water and air to the mycelium within this period will mean death for your mushrooms before you can even see them sprout. 

It is important that when you buy a mushroom growing kit, you have the intention to grow the mushroom immediately. If the mushroom kit has to be stored for a while before you grow it, then preserve it as you would any other food. Your fridge or cooler will work well. 

Handle Each Substrate As Is Supposed

Any mushroom growing kit contains some mycelium and other substrates that make it possible to grow the mushroom. Most people, get it wrong when it comes to preparing these substrates. The following are ways in which you can prepare the main substrates.

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  • Mushroom Spawn

Mushroom spawn is the most versatile of all substrates that you will handle as you attempt to grow mushrooms in your home. Unfortunately, they also are the most work and require some time to start fruiting. 

You will be required to mix this mushroom spawn with another substrate that you bought with the growing kit. Once you have mixed this, allow some time for the colonization to take place, and then fruiting will start after that.

  • Wood Chip Block

To stimulate the mushroom to start growing, you will need to put in some work to first submerge this block in water. Cool water works the best in this. Once you have done that, you will then need to refrigerate this for up to 24 hours. 

When you take this block from the refrigerator, you need to put it up in a well-ventilated area with a lot of light as well. Farmers recommend you mist this block a couple of times to maintain that humidity. Upholding these conditions will see the mushrooms fruit in a few weeks. 

  • Mushroom Log

You need to soak the mushroom log in some cold water for at least 24 hours. The mushroom is going to grow in a few weeks, but this will take some effort. You will need to soak the log every few weeks as well to keep the humid conditions for the mushroom to thrive. 

Learn What Works In The Wild

Growing mushrooms in the house using a growing kit ultimately boils down to replica conditions for the mushroom to grow. However, much as the mushroom might grow excellently to a certain level, it never will reach the fete that it would in the wild. 

It is always advisable to go out occasionally and observe for yourself how mushrooms are growing in their natural environment. Through this, you can get ideas on how to make the indoor plant better and have a better harvest eventually.

You will especially need to learn a lot about how to create humid conditions that support the growth of the mushroom. Watching the plant grow in the wild can give you ideas on how best to create the said humid conditions in the grow kit you bought. 

The Species Always Matters

Not all mushrooms will grow the same. It is important to understand this if you are going to grow your mushrooms and watch them thrive. Different species will require different conditions that allow them to flourish. 

It is a recommendable thing always to do some background study on the grow kit that you have bought. This knowledge will help you know beforehand, what exactly is needed to make the mushroom thrive. 

Watch Out For Contamination

When it comes to use of mushroom grow boxes to grow your mushrooms, one thing that needs to be given special attention is contamination. Get rid of any slimy growth immediately after you note its existence on the growth kit. 

Some people prefer using some agrochemicals to guard against or prevent further contamination. The sentiment on this is largely divided. Many traditional growers will warn against it while modern mushroom growers will support it. 

The best way to grow your mushrooms using a growth kit, however, is to promote organic growth. Home farming activities stem from a need to feed on healthier food. The use of chemicals on your mushrooms contradicts this. 


Growing mushrooms indoors using grow kits is a great idea. You will learn how to be a good farmer and also get to enjoy the healthy food that you have grown. It is, however, important to learn how to make the most out of mushroom growth boxes. The learning curve involved here is beneficial especially for first-time growers.

Photo by Thanh Soledas on Unsplash