5 Mumbai Attractions to Visit When Travelling with Kids


Mumbai, the city of dreams, has everything a kid may want. The city is known for many things and places which are interesting for both the parents and the kid. There are various places you can visit with your kids where they can learn new things apart from having a fun time. So, when in Mumbai, make sure to visit and explore these places with your kids. If coming from the port city of Mangalore, you’d be restricted to visit mostly beaches and temple. However, Mumbai is a home to different types of tourist attractions. So, book your Mangalore to Mumbai flight ticket soon and discover what the hype in Mumbai is all about.

Here is a list of five main attractions to visit when travelling with kids:

RBI Monetary Museum

The museum informs the kids on how money is made. From the evolution of money during the early days to the first coins and to the latest version of money in the form of cash notes, it’s all here. Also, coins and notes used in the different dynasties have been depicted here. So, in a nutshell, RBI has mapped the currency of all ages along with the information in this museum. The children will definitely get fascinated with the vast collection of coins depicted here. The money not in use can be seen being recycled there into various other materials. Just opposite this museum is the India Government Mint where your children can select a commemorative coin.

Essel World

The most famous theme park of Mumbai, Essel World has a variety of rides and has been the most lovable destination for people from all walks of life. A roller coaster ride with your children at the Essel World is a thrilling experience which cannot be missed. The children can be here throughout the day because of the plethora of attractions the place offers, like cricket ground, ice skating rink, bowling alley and many more. The kids can go through the Hedge Maze or can take the Aqua Dive Ride. A massive killer ship has now been converted into a science museum in Essel World. This place also has arrays of eating joints to take care of the hunger pangs.

Taraporewala Aquarium and Mumbai Zoo

Being one of the oldest aquariums in India, Taraporewala Aquarium houses several kinds of freshwater and marine fishes. There is enough to capture the attention of the little minds. The fish spa and touch pool are the two major attractions here. Mumbai zoo, on the other hand, covers a sprawling area of over 45 hectares. Officially known as Veermata Jijabai Bhonsle Udyan, it houses a variety of fauna like monkey, deer, peacocks, flamingos, elephants and many more animals. At the entrance of this amazing zoo is a life-size elephant statue which intrigues the kids and garners their attention.

Gateway of India

A must sees the place in Mumbai; the Gateway of India is a place of historical significance. The evening is the best time to visit this place. Kids can feed the pigeons and have some coconut water while enjoying the scenic views of the place. The harbour has boats going in and out which is a fascinating thing to watch especially among the kids.

Nehru Planetarium

If you want science to be fun for kids, then Nehru Planetarium is the place. The planetarium is situated at the Nehru Centre with mesmerising views of the stars and planets. It is one of the best places to visit as a family too. A show on astronomy is hosted at the centre’s auditorium. Children’s Science Park is also located here with all the mechanical things. Kids can have a load of things to play with like the old tram cars.

These places must be on the travel list whenever with kids. So, you just need to get away from Mangalore by packing your bags and booking Mangalore to Mumbai flight ticket at a reasonable price. Mumbai definitely has a number of rewarding places for a day out with the children.