Moonbake Freshly-Baked Pastries


by Jessica Mikaela Mones, |

Moonbake Incorporated started in 1991 as a small home-based bakery and after more than 20 years, it has grown into a well-developed company. Moonbake manufactures large quantities of high quality and fresh bakery products with Chocolitos, chocolate coated crinkles as their main product. Over the years now, Moonbake has become one of the leading manufacturers of chocolate crinkle cookies in the Philippines.

Aside from Chocolitos, Moonbake also offers Filipino delicacies like chocolate-coated polvoron, toasted pastillas, macarons, uraro, otap and more; cookies and biscuits; breads like chocolate-dipped breadsticks, toasts and cinnamon rolls; caramel and fruit tarts; brownies; meringues; muffins; chocolates and toppings. However, they are not limited to these goods. Moonbake can customize products according to what the customers want like what they do in cafés.

The company advocates low price but high quality products. They promote to secondary markets, coffee shops, public schools and food stalls like Sabbie’s Jar located at SM Southmall. They also target exporting  to United States of America, Europe and Middle East especially now that they are promoting their newest product, banana chips. Their banana chips have two flavors: plain and chocolate coated.

Because of their proven productivity service for 20 years, Moonbake has been rated with Total Quality Management (TQM) and Knowledge Management (KM) certifications. They also network with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Asian Productivity Organization through Development Academy of the Philippines to expand and develop their technologies to be at par with world-class food companies.

Moonbake pursues making pastry products that are rich in flavors.

From a little bakeshop turned to a diversified incorporation, Moonbake is proof that big things really come from small beginnings. With persistence, continuous learning and improvement, more great things will definitely happen.