Merging PDF with a Reliable Online PDF Tool

Merging PDF with a Reliable Online PDF Tool | Merging PDF with a Reliable Online PDF Tool | One task that content producers need to do is to use a PDF converter. This PDF converter is one of the handy tools that do everything for you online. Converting and merging your files is also a practical way of archiving and safekeeping. Online tools such as PDF Bear can merge your files in seconds. If you have experienced how to merge pdf, then you know how easy it is. But for those who are new to this, read carefully and learn the advantages of merging your files online.

Updates and Distribution Become Easy

When you are working on manuals or modules, you know these files get updated. This situation is expected as technology changes, and we must adapt to the change. While updates might not happen to all files, there are certain areas that you have to improve. Merging all your documents into a single file can make this task easy. This way, you know while files to change or delete. This method is also excellent in other documents that you frequently hand out. It’s like having a portfolio of all the essential documents you carry around but in digital form.

Removing All The Clutter From Your Document Folders

Working with files that do not merge can be messy. There is a danger that you might delete or misplace some files. When your computer gets into a problem, some files you are working on might get corrupted or deleted. Thus, merging them into a single file creates a backup copy that can give you the peace of mind you need. You also remove the danger of misplacing or deleting everything in case you need to reformat your device. Hence, finding the right document is easy when your files are merged. 

PDF Bear: A Handy Tool For Writers

People who are editing magazines or working on a book or novel will find this tool essential. Merging your pdf files is not just for power users, but for many people who want to simplify their lives. Combining all your image and text files will give you the capacity to be more productive. This task allows you to free your mind from the clutter, making you more creative.

Secure Important Documents

PDF files can never be altered. You can open them on any platform, and they will keep the format they have. They are also secure because you can put protection on them. For example, you can set the security to ‘read-only’ to prevent people from copying the text from your files. Getting a pdf version of your MS Word files is also great in the sense that no one can alter the format. For example, when you create an MS Word document and open it on a Mac, chances are the lines or objects will be skewed. Having a PDF version of the same document will prevent this. PDF files are also great when you are printing a hard copy of your documents. They can also be made into a digital magazine or book so people can download them. 

How to Merge your PDF Files with PDF Bear

To merge your pdf files, you need a working computer, a browser, and a stable internet connection. You can use Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, or any available browser. The steps are as follows:

  1. To merge your pdf files, you need to open your browser and go to the official PDF Bear website. You can use Google for help if you cannot find the PDF Bear site.
  2. A page will open up with all the tools available. Choose “merge pdf’ from the list. 
  3. Once you are on the right page, select the PDF files. Drag your selected file and drop it on the PDF merger. 
  4. You can view and change your files if necessary. When you are done, click the Merge PDF button.
  5. The PDF Bear will merge your files into one PDF file.
  6. The final step is to download your PDF file or share it via your other online cloud storage drives.

Supports All Operating System 

PDF Bear supports Linux, Windows, and Apple OS. This advantage makes working with the tool so easy and seamless. You can work with this PDF tool anytime and anywhere as long as you have a working internet. 

Safe File-Keeping

Getting the pro version of PDF Bear allows you to store all your documents on the cloud. An excellent backup process because it saves you computer space. It also gives you security since all the files that you upload to the cloud are encrypted. The merged files will stay there for as long as you want to. There is no limit in terms of file size and the number of files per task. 

Cloud-Based Merging is Fast

Unlike computer programs, cloud merging is more efficient. Thus, this is happening since computers have limited memory and processing capacity. The more computer processes there are, the slower it gets. Hence, this is something that PDF Bear will eliminate since it is an online tool.

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