Melbourne travellers – 5 must pack tech items

Melbourne travellers | Melbourne travellers – 5 must pack tech items | Have you ever booked a holiday and got so caught up in the excitement of it all that you’ve forgotten about the practical stuff like what to pack, where to stay and what activities to do? 

It’s easily done. But ultimately, if you want to ensure that your getaway lives up to your expectations, you need to do some prep. Besides the usual tent, backpack, trekking poles and those you always pack, there are those little tech stuff that you need.

So for those of you planning a trip away from Melbourne, we’ll ease that burden by talking you through five tech items you need to pack for your travels. 

  • Tablet

If you’re looking for a piece of tech that’s multifunctional and useful for pretty much all stages of your holiday, look no further than a tablet.

You can use it to store films and games to keep you entertained during your flight, to take photos of the cool places you visit and to install some handy apps such as the Melbourne Airport app. If you haven’t got one yet, this tablet article on PCMag reviews the best. 

  • Power bank 

With a power bank amongst your belongings, you won’t have to worry about trekking up and down Melbourne Airport trying to find a plug socket where you can charge your devices. 

Plus, you’ll be able to venture to places far away from your holiday accommodation without worrying about your precious electronics running out of power – just ensure your power bank is on full charge before you head out. 

  • Universal adapter

If you’re someone who likes to holiday in lots of different places, a universal adapter is an excellent investment because it works in just about any location in the world and doesn’t break the bank either.

Most adapters have USB ports, so you can charge multiple devices at once – you can browse these awesome all-in-one travel adapters on Amazon.

  • Portable projector 

You can’t spend every minute of your holiday out and about having fun, but with a portable projector you’ll be able to make every minute count. 

For instance, you can use it to watch films and enjoy that big screen cinema experience from the comfort of your hotel room. For more info on portable projectors, check out a tech site such as Tech Radar.

  • Wireless earphones 

A holiday should be a break from the noise and chaos of everyday life, but with crowded planes, airports and tourist filled streets to contend with, it can feel like anything but this at times.

This is why wireless earphones are a good idea, because they help block out the noise so you can stay calm and focused. Plus, there’ll be no faffing about untangling wires or worrying about them getting damaged. 

Once you’ve invested in your travel tech, make sure you pack and transport them securely. Driving is probably the best way to keep your expensive kit in good working order, so check out for Melbourne Airport parking deals. 

Let us know your thoughts on our selection of tech and share your own suggestions in the comments section