Meats&Match – The Place for a Perfect Combination!

Patricia Aleckdandra | FoodFindsAsia

People say two heads are better than one… but we say it is best if you partner your burger with a milkshake because burger alone is not enough. And we all agree on that.

In the busy streets of Tanauan City, Batangas, a food place that offers affordable yet satisfyingly good tasting dishes is located at the heart of the city. MEATS&MATCH offers a perfect combination of burgers and milkshakes plus a whole lot more of your favorite comfort food.

Meats & Match

Foodie and owner John Oñate decided to open a business that would deliver satisfactory food to the tables of their customers. Pursuing what he likes to do best, he started with a burger joint to cater students and employees since Meats&Match is near establishments such a school, hospital, banks, and just a 5-minute tricycle ride from the municipal hall.

As you enter the place, pastel colored walls with artsy interior details will greet you. Natural light shines through big glass windows providing the place that warm and friendly vibe. Customers can easily approach staff members as they give their warmest smiles and serve delectable food. To continuously provide you a perfect place to dine with your squad, Meats&Match practices a CLEAN AND GO policy which we recommend you should follow.

DSC_0137 DSC_0089 Meats&Match is not your ordinary “burger and milkshake” restaurant. Their menu consists of a wide variety of dishes because they want to serve customers more good food. With their strong will to not only give a place for barkada hang-outs but to serve comfort food to customers as well, Meats&Match encourages waiting as they make their dishes from scratch to ensure the freshness of ingredients. Unlike how you waited for your crush to notice you, this kind of wait is worth it.

Meats & Match

Of course, we were privileged to try their menu of good, tasty grease. First on our list was their Garlic Parmesan Fries which is served in a small stainless bucket. The fries are cooked well and very tasty. Don’t put your fries to waste. We recommend you eat it while it is hot.

If you prefer a bit more crispy and juicy, ask for their wings. Two of the most loved flavors are Honey Mustard Wings and Buffalo Wings. Each bite will surely satisfy the cravings of your taste buds.

Honey Mustard Wings buffalo wings

Meats&Match also offers pastas which would surely leave your mouth-watering. Both served with a pair of buttered bread toast to perfection, their Pesto and Spanish Sardine Pasta would surely leave you mouth-watering and wanting more. Two thumbs-up for these two pasta dishes!

pesto spanish sardine

Are we going to let the chance to taste their signature burger and milkshakes? Of course not! For meat lovers and burger-fanatics out there! We recommend you try their Cheesy Bacon Burger partnered with deep fried French fries with mayonnaise. Sandwiched between two buns, their patties are made from their kitchen. One good thing about their classic burger is that it has no extenders added which gives the patties more flavor and healthier.

cheesy bacon

To complete the sumptuous meal, try their flavorful premium milkshakes. Add each on your bucket list menu and you will surely not regret it.

Cookies n' Cream choco Beary Nutella strawberry oreo oreo 2

Meats&Match wants to extend their service to the market. John plans to open up another branch which he will announce where to the public soon. We guarantee you that it will provide you an excellent service so you better watch out for it.

If you and your squad are planning on a weekend get-away to Batangas or any part of Southern Luzon, include in you stop Meats&Match. They will surely give you a taste of their quality service. Meats&Macth is your perfect place for the perfect food combination – presentable, affordable, and tasty.

Meats&Match is located at 2nd Floor R’Venue Bldg. Poblaciion 3, Tanauan City Batangas.


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