Making an Asian-Themed Kitchen 

Making an Asian-Themed Kitchen 

FoodFindsAsia | Making an Asian-Themed Kitchen | Nothing screams Asian like the sense of calmness and tranquility that classy minimalism brings. Asian decor has made a mark around the world for its incomparable qualities. What makes Asian design excellent is that it can fit perfectly in any modern home – like an extension of nature in a closed space. 

Let’s help you design the perfect Asian-themed kitchen in your home with these helpful tips below: 

Asian Style Kitchen Design Tips

Minimalist. Organic. 

Asian design uses classic minimalism and organic materials as major ornamental elements. In an Asian-style kitchen, there’s usually an abundance of natural lighting. It is a well-balanced, and uncluttered open space. 

If you wish to create an Asian-style kitchen in your home, you have to consider and include the following in your list:  


It’s not an Asian kitchen without cabinets. Cabinets complete the Asian aesthetics that we are going for as it plays a great role in maintaining harmony among the design and the materials used. Cabinets can be in different colors, sizes, layouts, and forms as long as it balances everything. Clean lines are important in Asian-style kitchen cabinets, as they emphasize functionality and simplicity above all else. 

The Color Palette 

If there’s one thing that reflects the Zen and calming feeling of Asian design, it’s the color palette. The color palette includes whites and a lot of soft, neutral colors. In many Asian interior designs, darker colors serve as accents that provide an additional depth to the space. Asian design color palette also involves golds, silvers, some decorative elements with a pop of color such as jade green walls, wooden (usually bamboo) floors, etc. This combination gives off a natural and soothing feeling that never fails to calm stress and anxiety. If you want your kitchen to have an Asian-style appearance, you can pick minimalist decorative pieces that resemble Asian style. 


Asian style implements minimalism on a different level, emphasizing simplicity in an almost ascetic manner. But it can also highlight unique and elaborate details, which makes it even more interesting. In Asian homes, furniture designs include lower tables and floor cushions with intricate patterns (culturally, most Asians love to sit on the floor and do a lot of other activities while sitting on the floor). It is believed to allow them to form a greater connection to nature itself. Planning to build an Asian-style kitchen may require you to keep these points in mind. 

Prints and Calligraphy 

Asian prints and calligraphy are known for their elegant appearance and strokes that mirror a piece of art. You may want to decorate your Asian-style kitchen with wall-hanging calligraphy and prints to perfectly resemble the vibe, appearance, and culture. For intricate Asian wall art inspirations, try checking out and discover a great deal of amazing choices. 

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is an extremely important factor in any design – especially in an Asian-style kitchen, where the goal is to give off relaxing and soothing energy to whoever is within the area. To allow natural light to come in, make sure to switch small windows with larger ones and use plain, natural-colored blinds. The amount of light that enters the room has to be in accordance with when the sun sets and rises. Replace standard lighting with dimmer light switches to achieve this. Keep in mind that decorative light fixtures are not supposed to replace natural lighting. It should only serve as an additional light source and decorative accent. 

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