What Makes a 4 Star Hotel in Baguio?

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The Philippines’ favorite summer destination is teeming with wonderful sights to see, and you want to stay at a 4 star hotel to ensure that you have an unforgettable Baguio trip. Staying at a 4 star hotel is the main ingredient for a great Baguio getaway, but how would you know if it’s a 4 star hotel? Here’s a checklist that you can follow in order for you to confirm if it’s truly a 4 star hotel in Baguio.

Strategic Location

A 4 star hotel will offer you a serene and hassle-free environment to assure that you will have a pleasing and relaxing getaway in Baguio. It should be strategically situated away form the city’s buzzing central district, and still accessible to Baguio’s well-known spots such as the Laperal White House and Bamboo Art Exhibit, Baguio Teachers’ Camp, Wright Park, The Mansion, Baguio Botanical Garden, Café by the Ruins, Pilak Silvercraft and Gift Shoppe, and a lot more. A 4 star hotel would want you to see all your favorite spots, and still be able to have a homey and cozy place to stay in.

Cozy Rooms

A 4 star hotel in Baguio, will only offer the coziest rooms and suites for your getaway. They should have rooms and suites that come in different sizes to accommodate every family, barkada, or group, no matter how big or small- everyone deserve to experience a relaxing stay at a 4 star hotel in Baguio. Each hotel room should have its own kitchen and living room, comfortable beds, relaxing seating, and the finest fixtures and furniture. The interiors are also important in giving you a pleasant sight that will make you feel even more relaxed and comfortable.

Great Deals

A truly amazing 4 star hotel in Baguio should also have great deals to offer its guests. However, great deals should not only be affordable- they should also be worth your money. Always make sure to check how much their deals are, what their deals include, and how much you will be saving if you avail any of their deals.

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