Madrid Fusion Manila back to introduce sustainability in the Culinary Industry


Exploring the cultural influences of the country, Madrid Fusion Manila is back in the Philippines for the third time bringing in award-winning and Michelin-starred chefs from across the world. With this year’s theme, “Towards a Sustainable Gastronomic Planet”, 19 multi-talented chefs showcase culinary innovations and cutting-edge techniques in creating exquisite cuisines whilst introducing sustainability in the culinary industry. On April 6-8, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, witness world-renowned chefs present and explore the future of food and sustainable cuisines in the 21st century.

People with the love for food, the passion for cooking and extremely talented individuals gather in one value to celebrate another year of gastronomic experience. The past two years has truly been an incredible journey for the food industry with chefs from different parts of the world come together as they share their knowledge about food. The congress and expo will feature  culinary tourism, farm and agri-tourism models as well as exhibitors involved in sustainable farming and fishing in keeping up with this year’s theme. Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 will mainly focus on exploring the transformation of sustainable gastronomy while enhancing the cultural traditions and environmental limits.

Madrid Fusion Manila 2017 is composed of these three components: the International Gastronomy Congress, where award-wining chefs will share their views and techniques in cooking; the International Gastronomy Expo, which will feature the finest food products and gourmet food, ingredients and technologies from Asia and Spain; and the launch of Flavors of the Philippines, a month-long food festival across the country featuring the finest delicacies from every region.

“Today, food forecasts for 2017 have predicted the Philippines as the place where the next big food trend will start, and many articles have been written worldwide about how the food scene in the Philippines is heating up,” said Tourism director Verna Covar-Buensuceso at Madrid Fusion 2017 at Palacio Municipal de Congresos, Madrid. With Madrid Fusion Manila on its 3rd edition, the Philippines’ culinary industry is beginning to expand and grow as it serves to challenge the country’s aspiring chefs to bring out the best in their crafts and to make Manila the center of culinary excellence.

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