Lucky Taiyaki Ice Cream is Here!

Patricia Aleckzandra | FoodFindsAsia

Ever wonder how you can fill your bellies while enjoying desserts? We got you covered!

In a supermarket at Cubao, there is an ice cream stall that would give you a taste of one of Japan’s famous snacks. We give you Lucky JPMM Taiyaki Ice Cream! Yes, Taiyaki is finally in the Philippines! Never heard of Taiyaki? Well, let me give you a few facts about this tasty sweet-tooth treat.

According to my well-researched research (woooah!) and trusted informants (which is mostly travel and food blogs on Google), Taiyaki is a fish-shaped Japanese bread traditionally filled with red bean paste made from sweetened azuki beans in Japanese street fairs and festivals. This world-known Japanese snack is made from pancake or waffle batter which will fill you up in no time. Taiyaki is baked in fish-shaped molds hence the name Taiyaki (Yaki in Japanese means grilled or baked).

This is where they bake the Koi-shaped cone until golden brown.
This is where they bake the Koi-shaped cone until golden brown.

And now that Taiyaki has evolved in different ways to prepare it, someone has found a way to make it a snack that will be enjoyed by many! Because Taiyaki ice cream used to be available outside the country, we did not let the opportunity to try the one which just came in!

Just like any other Taiyaki, Lucky JPMM Taiyaki Ice Cream bakes their fish cone until it is golden brown. You have to wait for a bit but it will be worth it. The crispness they want to achieve complements the premium quality soft serve ice cream they offer. It was indeed satisfactory.

Taiyaki cones: fresh and hot from the molding tray.
Taiyaki cones: fresh and hot from the molding tray.

They serve three different flavors: vanilla, cheese, and the mixed (vanilla and cheese). These flavors are served in three different cones: the classic Belgian waffle cones, their original Black cookie cone which is made out of crushed Oreos, and the Taiyaki cone. You can also choose which toppings you can add based on what you want: rice krispies, sprinkles, crushed oreos, choco dip, or wafer sticks.

Crushed Oreo. Rice Krispies. Sprinkles.

Based on our tastebud cravings, we gave their cheese with crushed oreos and choco dip, and their mixed flavors with rice krispies and choco dip a try.

Cheese Taiyaki Ice Cream with Crushed Oreos and Wafer Stick
Vanilla and Cheese Taiyaki Ice Cream with Rice Crisp and Wafer Stick

We waited for about 15-minutes or so to get the cone ready because they serve it hot. It is really fun watching and waiting for your own fresh Taiyaki cone to be cooked. This hot cone really goes with the ice cream. You can savor all the ice cream you want while it melts inside the cone. Every bite of their Taiyaki will also leave you that genuine softness and creaminess soft served ice creams supposed to have. For a snack, Lucky JPMM Taiyaki Ice Cream is huge and can really make you feel full in no time. I honestly didn’t eat dinner after.

If you are wondering why they only have two flavors, it is because 1) vanilla is one of the classic ice cream flavors, And 2) because we are cheese nation (we put cheese in almost everything we eat). Besides, when you mix the two flavors together, both are perfect match. Each of them complement the taste of another.

From the team, we can say that Taiyaki Ice Cream is a must-try. Two thumbs up!

JP Morales, the 22-year-old owner, said that there are many more we should be watching out in the next months of Lucky JPMM Taiyaki Ice Cream. For example, they are planning to add flavors in their menu. We better watch out for something creamier and yummier, Pastillas flavored ice cream! They will also introduce their Junior Taiyaki which are smaller Taiyaki ice cream versions.

JP Morales and his Taiyaki

There are a lot of ways on how to eat Taiyaki. Now that the ice cream version is swimming to our country, we should catch it whether it is big or small. Try going to the SM malls near you. I heard they will soon offer Taiyakis there. We guarantee you that Taiyaki ice cream will bring your ice cream experience to a whole new level.

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