Lock N Load Burgers & Chills: Your Satisfyingly Good Burgers

Lock N' Load Burgers

Patricia Aleckzandra | FoodFindsAsia

Did you know that when you visit the province of Batangas, you will get more than kapeng barako, balisong or a trip around the beaches, but also huge burgers that would satisfy your hungry tummies? If you are looking for a laid back place in Southern Luzon where you can dine with burgers all you want, then Lock N’ Load Burgers&Chills is the place for you and your squad.

The rakista mural of Lock N’ Load!

Lock N Load Burgers&Chills’ owner put up the business focusing on one of his favorite food – burgers. Being an IT graduate, his background on burgers started out by just being a natural burger lover and foodie. Hopping through food place after food place, he came into a burger joint in Batangas which inspired him to try his chance in the food industry. Thus, the birth of Lock N’ Load Burgers&Chills last September 8.

Sticking with the street side, laid back ambiance he wanted to remain in the burger joint, he decided that the newly opened store would be painted with yellow and black that matches the colors we often see outside. Lock N’ Load came from his band’s name which is associated with guns. This may sound a bit off for a burger joint but he wanted to put his own personality in his business. Being a musician himself, the owner allowed bands all around Batangas to perform, serenading its customers while enjoying burgers that will fulfill those burger cravings. Not only that but he also named his burgers after underground bands in Batangas. And if you are a Batangueño musician, then you might be familiar with some of them (or all of them!).

Quadruple the fun and excitement!

Of course, we did not let the opportunity to taste their loaded burgers pass. But we have to wait for a few minutes because they make everything from scratch to make sure your burgers are fresh and more delicious. Still, we guarantee that the wait is all worth it. After a few minutes of waiting, we had four big burgers that are simply delightful.

Starting out with something popular, we had Lock N’ Load’s Lockfist (P155). This double cheese burger will really double the fun while with their double melted cheese and two layers of one-third pound of patties made with Angus beef.


The next one that we tried is their famous Judgement (P170) which is served with four different melted cheese put into one plus their one-third Angus beef patty sandwiched in hot buns. This burger has proven that bacon really is life!


We also had a chance to try something weird but surprisingly delectable once you soak your teeth into it. Their Kilitinas (P115) will give you a sweet and spicy somehow “orange-y” in flavor because it partnered with (waiiiiit for it!) orange marmalade! It may sound new and creatively odd but the taste will simply leave you wanting more.


If the orange marmalade is not weird enough for you, then you might consider trying a burger stuffed with tocino. Who said that the delights of tocino can only be good in breakfast? Lock N’ Load gave our everyday breakfast treat a little twist by adding it to their Pud3P (P135). It is tasteful, heavy, and very satisfying.


Is the price too high for your budget? They have budget burgers as low as P49. The prices are all reasonable if you are looking for a place to indulge in good grease and will fill your bellies.

Lock N’ Load Burgers & Chills is the place you can come after a long day of school, or barkada hang-outs, or if you are looking for a stopover down south. This is the burger joint where bands can rock their hearts out, and customers can eat their stress away. “Never mind the calories, mind your satisfaction,” they would say. So if you want satisfyingly good burgers, Lock N’ Load Burger&Chills got you covered.

Lock N’ Load is located at Hilltop Avenue, Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas City [along side F. Baylosis and Scuola Maria]

Photos: Yuriel Ramilo

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