Krispy Kreme Launches Mobile App to Boost Customer’s Delivery Experiences


Global Brand Krispy Kreme is leveraging technology to further strengthen its market in the Philippines. Krispy Kreme recently rolled out its mobile delivery application, an innovation that reinvents customers’ delivery experience and integrates other services to create ease, accessibility and delight for customers

“Krispy Kreme is always at the forefront of innovative ideas that aim to always raise the bar on quality in our products and services, and delight in our customers. We are excited to introduce the first mobile app of its kind in the food service industry that will simply change the way customers enjoy their favorite Krispy Kreme treats”, said Ariane M. Valinton, Marketing Manager for Krispy Kreme Philippines.

From Left to Right, Homer Nievera of, Ariane Valinton, Marketing Manager for Krispy Kreme Philippines, and Adolf Aran Jr., President and CEO of Courage Asia during the Krispy Kreme's Mobile App Launch
From Left to Right, Homer Nievera of, Ariane Valinton, Marketing Manager for Krispy Kreme Philippines, and Adolf Aran Jr., President and CEO of Courage Asia during the Krispy Kreme’s Mobile App Launch

By downloading Krispy Kreme’s mobile app, customers may conveniently choose from among Krispy Kreme’s premium delectable treats, place their orders using their mobile device, and opt to have their orders delivered right away, on a select date, or even arrange for pick up of their yummy treats at the branch. Krispy Kreme enthusiasts may even save their favorite selections of premium doughnuts for future orders. This feature of the mobile app creates greater and more thrilling possibilities for customers to share Krispy Kreme with their loved ones, whether they are in the Philippines or abroad. A customer residing in the United States or in any other country may easily send a Krispy Kreme treat as a gift to their loved ones in the Philippines using the Krispy Kreme mobile app. It’s hassle-free, convenient and fun!

A customer trying out the Krispy Kreme Mobile App.

With the Krispy Kreme mobile app, finding a Krispy Kreme store is now as quick and easy as a tap on any mobile device. With an interactive store locator feature, fans may easily identify the Krispy Kreme store that is nearest to their location, from Luzon all the way to Visayas and Mindanao! Customers may simply tap on the store names for their very own Krispy Kreme map to show them the directions.

To further heighten the excitement of customers, Krispy Kreme is also introducing its Stamp Cards and Coupon Rewards. With every single-receipt transaction worth at least PhP 150, customers will be awarded with stamps that will unlock the Rewards Page in their mobile app. They can avail of coupons that may be exchanged for yummy Krispy Kreme treats. For the first stamp, customers will receive 1 Original Glazed Doughnut coupon. They get an energy boost with Krispy Kreme’s 8 oz. signature coffee for the 3rd stamp, a choice of hot or iced coffee for the 6th stamp, one box of Original Glazed Doughnuts for the 12th stamp.

With Krispy Kreme’s mobile app, fans can be among the first to know about the latest news at Krispy Kreme – from tie-ups, to new products and promos. “With this innovation from Krispy Kreme, we aim to reach out to more customers and further strengthen their brand experience with a more fun, exciting and interactive way to enjoy and share their favorite Krispy Kreme delights.” Valinton concluded.

The fun and friendly crew in Krispy Kreme's flagship store in Bonifacio High Street
The fun and friendly crew in Krispy Kreme’s flagship store in Bonifacio High Street


Krispy Kreme’s mobile app is free and may be downloaded using any OS and android device. Get in the loop and visit or check out Krispy Kreme on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: (KrispKremePH). Share and experience your own #JoyInABox with Krispy Kreme.


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