Koreans Taste Filipino Snacks — See Their Reactions


by Angeli Robles, Foodfindsasia.com |

Lately, a video about a group of Korean friends and their reactions about Pinoy stars have been viral on the internet. But, did you know that this group also made a video on Filipino snacks prior to their viral “Koreans react to Pinoy Star”?

Watch these videos and maybe you can make your own conclusions.

In this video they tried several snacks like skyflakes, where some of them described it to be similar to a korean snack called “cham-ing” after this they also tried the garlic flavour of the same cracker and also tried other Filipinos snacks like Muncher Coated Green Peas – beef spicy flavour, Muncher original flavour, Prima Toast, Super Bawang Corn Snack, Corn Bits Special BBQ Flavour and Magic Cream which they say the best among the snacks that they have tried.

The group uploaded another video three weeks after they launched the first one. This time, the foods that they tried are Pork Rind (chicharong baboy), Butter Cream, Egg Crackers, Ube Jam, Egg Pie which they referred as “coconut pie”, Chippy, Piattos and Cheetos Puff. They also tried some Filipino beverages, like Guyabano, Coconut, Four-season flavoured juice drink and Kopiko 3-in-1 Coffee.