Korean Fried Chicken – The Healthy Choice

korean fried chicken

FoodFindsAsia.com | Korean Fried chicken is easy to cook chicken meal often accompanied by beer. Making gami fried chicken involves some techniques especially when it comes to coating with the sauce. The thick and sticky sauce sometimes makes it hard to stick the coat to the chicken pieces. Ideally, it is better to place the fresh chicken in a large bowl and mix it with the hot sauce. The chicken needs to be tossed carefully in a bowl until it is well coated and fried in the deep frying method. There are several types of Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) but the best is the chicken coated in a spicy-sweet and sticky coating.

Gami fried chicken locations always have the most amazing Korean Fried chickens because of their unique recipe which does not make the chicken fatty.

Gami fried chicken locations always tend having top quality healthy chickens. Chickens provide lots of advantages to the body and cause it to grow healthily especially with the bones.

As compared to other chicken fries, the Korean fried chicken is lighter. The skin of the chicken is hardly battered and crunchier with the meat being very wet. The chicken is often fried twice to completely drain the fat which makes it healthy. 

Gami Fried Chicken and American fried chicken

Looking at the Korean fried chicken, the American fried chicken depends on thick well-spiced crust always made thicker by saturating the chicken pieces in buttermilk for some time. When the crust becomes brown in the course of frying, it looks and tastes divine. American fried chicken’s flesh is semi-raw especially when the crust is cooked which leaves a soft layer of skin between the meat and the crust.

Korean Fried Chicken – The healthy choice

Korean-style fried chicken is drastically different, which reflects the Asian frying method that takes away fat from the chicken and changes it to a thin, crunchy, crackly and semi-transparent crust. This frying method is referred to as the paper fried chicken by Chinese chefs.

The chicken is not usually seasoned, slightly scoured in very little flour and then soaked into a thin batter before it becomes set for frying. The chicken is fried in oil temperature which is somehow lower than 350 degrees, and it is cooked in two different phases. It is left to fry in the oil for about 10 minutes which is later on taken from the oil and well strained in a strainer; allowing it to get cold for about two minutes.

10 minutes later, the chicken can be taken out from the oil and shaken in a wire strainer; let it get cold for at least two minutes. This phase slows down the cooking procedure, averting the crust from becoming extremely brown before the meat gets well cooked. This phase succeeds in getting rid of the crust nubs and crags which chefs in America love and want to attain. It is usually smooth and soft with a golden brown color when well-seasoned and fried.                                                                                                                      

To serve gami fried chicken is not complicated because it can be served plain accompanied by a small dish of pepper for extra seasoning or some small made sauce. The sauce sometimes gets soaked in the crust providing some extra taste without making it soft.