Korean Food Thoughts: Why You Should Learn to Cook Korean Dish?


By: Ana Margarita Olar | Foodfindsasia.com

Korean foods are well known for being colorful, flavorful, and delicious. It is also becoming more popular because of the vast health benefits that Korean foods offer.

Here are the fascinating reasons to learn how to cook Korean dish:

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No. 1 Korean foods are good to normalize blood pressure level

If hypertension runs in the family or you already have one, switching to Korean diet is a great idea. They serve a complete set of dish from soup, white meat, and vegetable that can lower the blood pressure level.

Vegetables like bean sprout, lettuce, radish, and added spices contain fiber and enzymes that can help to brush clogged arteries. Korean main dishes are served fresh and fermented. Because vegetables are served fresh or half cooked, it still has the enzymes and nutrients that your body need.

No. 2 Lower the risks for certain types of cancer

Vegetables do have an anti-carcinogenic effect. The fiber content of green leafy vegetables brushes the intestine that can lower the risk of colon cancer. The vitamins and minerals strengthen the immune system too. Strong immunity can make your defenses up against cancer cells.

Fermented Korean food like kimchi has probiotics that promotes health of stomach lining.

No. 3 Korean Foods Help to Fight Obesity

The western population is now switching to Asian diet because it has lower cholesterol and calorie count. Obesity is more common on the Western Region; the case continues to increase and causes premature death for both young and old ages.

A Korean food uses less oil and chooses wholesome food. The use of meat is very limited; beans are the most common source of protein. It also has a complete set of a dish like soup, meat, side dish, and four servings of vegetables that can make a person feel fuller and satisfied for a longer period.

This way, cravings for fatty foods and sweets are easily controlled.

In addition, learning how to cook Korean foods can aid to improve your health, help you lose fats, prevent lifestyle-related diseases, and improve your general well-being.



Photo via migrationology.com and  smudgem.blogspot.com