KoCos: a Korean-Mexican Fusion dining experience


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KoCos which means KOrean taCOS is the newly-opened restaurant along E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue. Its menu is a Korean-Mexican Fusion which will surely satisfy cravings for a Korean and Mexican cuisine.

East meets west. Have you ever wondered how they successfully combined two different recognizable style of cooking into one succulent dish?

Korea has one of the most distinct cuisines in the world. Often treated as an art, Korean cooking is done with passion and profound love for gastronomy while Mexican cuisine is elaborated and often tied to symbolism and festivals.

Korean + Mexican = KoCos

Yes, KoCos offers the Korea’s finest dishes without sacrificing the traditional Mexican style of cooking, now eat greedily on these:

Tacos are served with your choice of juicy meat inside two griddled soft tortilla shell, topped with their spicy sweet soy slaw, salsa fresca and drizzled with sesame mayo, with spiced crispy fries.

KoCos Restaurant Beef Bulgogi Tacos
Beef Bulgogi – P200
sweet salty caramelized soy and sesame marinated tender juicy beef

Quesadilla are crispy griddled tortilla breads, filled with cheesy goodness. Best served with golden crisp shoestring potatoes.

KoCos Restaurant Caramelized Kimchi Quesadilla
Caramelized Kimchi – P210
sweet tangy caramelized buttered kimchi, shredded jack and cheddar cheeses, queso blanco, salsa fresca, drizzled with sesame mayo

Bimbimbap is a not so traditional take on a Korean rice bowl dishes. It served with steamed rice, assorted fresh vegetables and egg to bring it all together.

KoCos Beef Stew Bimbimbap
Beef Stew – P240

Seafood Arroz Ala Koreana which is good for 4 pax (option of Bilao for 15 pax P2500)

KoCos Restaurant Seafood Arroz Ala Koreana
Seafood Arroz Ala Koreana – P749

Pork Pizza / Tortizza

KoCos Restaurant Tortizza

Kimchi Pasta

KoCos Restaurant Kimchi Pasta
Kimchi Pasta

Short Order/Appetizers:

KoCos Restaurant Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin Soup – P100
KoCos Restaurant Nachos
Nachos – P250
KoCos Restaurant SurFries
KoCos SurFries – P250

Tribute to KoCos’ signature red and black colors, these juicy, mouth-watering bulgogi-marinated burgers are sandwiched between two pillow-soft like buns. Truly a feast for your eyes and mouth.

KoCos Restaurant R&B Burger Sliders
R&B Burger Sliders – P229

Scrumptious stir-fried Korean sweet potato noodles with crisp seasonal vegetables, flavoured with our own sweet sesame soy concoction. Perfect for your noodle cravings.

KoCos Restaurant Japchae
Japchae – P229

5 juicy sweet salty balls

KoCos Restaurant Balls
KoCos Balls – P150

The KoCos interior will also give you a KPub feels wherein there’s a flat screen TV for karaoke or just merely playing KPOP songs which are great for family gathering or barkada bonding.

KoCos Restaurant KoCos Restaurant

They also have a wide array of alcoholic drinks for guests who just want to unwind and chill.

KoCos Restaurant

KoCos is located at TSL Bldg., 59 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave. cor. Cordillera St., Doña Josefa, Quezon City, Metro Manila.


PHOTOS By: Irene Tria

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