Jollibee Adobo Flakes Burger : A Food Review


Rod Gabriel | Foodfindsasia

Earlier this month, Jollibee launched two new menu items, the Halo Halo Sundae and the Adobo Flakes Burger in its roster of food bestsellers. I took the chance to taste the Limited Edition Adobo Flakes Yum! Burger in one of Jollibee branches, south of Metro Manila.


Here is my review on Jollibee’s limited edition Adobo Flakes Burger.

Jollibees Adobo Flakes Burger PHOTO Rod Gabriel

In the TVC, it claims to be that the burger is topped with Adobo Flakes, but clearly in the pictures below, it does not. Although, I don’t actually mind having the Adobo flakes underneath the oval shaped burger patty. I am still lucky to have it in between the burger buns and not outside of them.

Checking out Jollibees Adobo Flakes Burger | PHOTO Rod Gabriel

To us Filipinos, Adobo is one Filipino dish that we could never live without.

Tradition calls for Adobo being usually cooked using vinegar, garlic and soy sauce. However, Jollibee’s take on this excellent Filipino dish falls short in amazing my taste buds.

In my opinion, Jollibee has spent too much on soy sauce (too strong and salty for me)! The combination of the burger patty and the Adobo flakes are not a good combination. The texture of the flakes is not what I expected. I prefer to have it a bit crispy.

Although it comes as a limited edition to Jollibee’s roster of Langhap Sarap goodies, the burger franchise failed to convince me to buy and eat their Adobo Flakes Burger again soon.

Sorry, Jollibee. Try something better next time.

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