Capping off a stressful week with a box of Pizza


By: Irene Tria | Foodfindsasia | Capping off a stressful week with a box of Pizza | Do you consider yourself a certified Pizza lover? I do. And I have this one mission in life, that is to find the best 4-cheese pizza. But so far, I haven’t found any pizza parlor for my craving.

Not until I have tried Pizza World’s brick oven pizza. A brick oven or stone oven that is wood-fired is an oven consisting of a baking chamber made of fireproof brick, concrete, stone, clay, or cob.  In modern brick, ovens are closely associated with artisanal bread and pizza. It has a very high and stable temperature much higher than what a home oven can get. This cooks pizza very quickly, causing the crust to bubble a lot, brown it, crisp it, and cook the toppings.

Pizza World offers Charcoal fire, Brick oven Pizza that is hand-stretched with fresh and overloaded toppings.

Pizza World World's Best Persian Pizza
Pizza World World’s Best Persian Pizza: persian sauce, beef, button mushroom, bell pepper, onion, mozzarella cheese
Pizza World World's Best Pizza Six Cheese Pizza: mozzarella, monterey jack, guda provolone, parmesan and cheddar cheese
Pizza World World’s Best Pizza Six Cheese Pizza: mozzarella, monterey jack, guda provolone, parmesan and cheddar cheese

FFA: What about the menu? How did you come up with the list of the menu?

There are some recipes that are completely ours. But then we did further studies, we have a chef from Iran who designs a menu for us. What we did is we combine the concept. Iran’s pizza is different from Italian pizza. It’s not just that taste but also the style. So most of our specialties look like that, super loaded, cheesy, and the pizza crust bread-like.  We experimented, mix and match. We have variety like we don’t only have the regular. We have two types of sauce – red sauce, white sauce, we have lots of pizza that’s why pizza world. It’s a world full of pizza.

What is your best seller?

It’s the Persian pizza. Our special. We have a special pizza. And the vegetarian. We have lots of choices from vegetarian. It’s the style.

Is the Persian pizza too spicy?

It’s the misconception people have. It’s not spicy. We only have one spicy and it’s called Sweet and Spicy.

The spices are more distinct when it comes to Persian pizza?


How do you define Persian food? Because we all think it’s super spicy.

There’s a difference between Indian and Persian food. With Persian, the spices are overloaded. It has a specific spice so that it will not overpower the food. Although it has a spice, you can still enjoy the food. Everyone thinks that Shawarma is Persian food. Shawarma is not Persian food. Kebab is.

Any plans to do deliveries?

Yes. So far we do deliveries along Chino Roces and Ayala we do, we have regular customers. But we inform them that it might take longer because the delivery guy needs to find the area first.

What sets you apart from another commercialized pizza parlor aside from the process of cooking? 

The pizza itself. There’s no pizza like this.

Aside from pizza, what else do you have on the menu? 

Yes, we have pasta, rice meals. And for our appetizers, fries and cheese sticks. We also have Buffalo wings that you can munch while waiting for your brick oven pizza.

How will you invite our readers to check the menu and try Pizza World?

Well, like how we invite others we usually ask if you’re looking for better pizza. If someone is a pizza lover and the pizzas here are the answer. When I was still a student I have lots of craving for pizza. But I was not satisfied.  If they you want to try other flavors, if they want to try other concepts or checkout other pizzas so you can try us out. Plus most weekends, Saturday nights most of the Ayala events here. So if you want to come by groups, enjoy, hangout, I will invite them by Saturday. And you can tell them that our pizza is different and the texture and how we cook it, it’s from brick oven.