Is your Resto Website Mobile Friendly?


By Ana Margarita A. Olar | |

In this generation, people are always in a hurry, employees are busy with their jobs, students are always in a hurry to school, supervisors and managers are piled up with business meetings. With everything happening at such a fast rate, most people are now depending on their mobile phones to access the internet to search for places, things to buy, and even places to dine. One study found that mobile usage is exploding. Businesses can’t afford to ignore this fact any longer. The findings include: Over 20% of Google searches are performed on a mobile device. In the last two years, more than half of local searches were performed on a mobile device. In the United States, 25% of Internet users only access the Internet on a mobile device.

Given these facts, restaurant owners nowadays need to upgrade their marketing by being visible on the internet and more importantly having a website that’s mobile friendly.

Why Make Your Resto Website Mobile Friendly?

1. Most people use their mobile phones to access the internet.

Because most people are in a hurry and would choose for convenience would probably search the internet looking for a place to dine. And once they land on a site that can’t be viewed on their phones so they end up feeling frustrated and annoyed.

2. People want to find a site responsive to their needs

Even if you have delicious photos of menu lined up on your website but clients cannot view them on their phone, chances are: they will find another site, and another resto that would satisfy their needs: One that is mobile friendly and easy to search.

3. Google favors mobile friendly websites.

According to Google’s Think Insights, if your customer visits your site and is frustrated because they can’t find what they are looking for, there’s a 61% chance they will leave immediately and go to another website. So even if your resto is highly recommended by a friend or posted on Facebook, but your location cannot be searched or opened on their mobile phone, chances are they will leave your site and look for another restaurant.


4. People will share their dining experience in social media.

Posting through social media is most commonly done now through mobile phones because of convenience that can be done in an instant. So if you have a mobile friendly website there is a higher chance that your customers will share their excellent dining experience at your restaurant with their social media friends.

5. Some people would like to post their orders through social media.

If you want to expand your business, then making a mobile friendly website is a must as people would be thrilled on the convenience your restaurant offers by making it possible to choose a menu and place an order through their mobile phones.

Dealing and adapting to the progress of technology is a vital part of making and keeping any business alive. You have to try a responsive restaurant website. Responsive website design means that it would adjust to whatever device your client is using. Here are some quick tips to make your restaurant website mobile friendly:

1. Get a responsive website for your restaurant immediately. Make sure that the buttons are large enough and navigation keys can be controlled by fingers.

2. Make sure you have a good host so your site loads quickly. Hungry costumers are also impatient website users. They want instant gratification as much as they are looking for a fast loading website.

3. Use videos on your site. It is much easier for users to view a video than to read long blocks of text.