Inspiring Healthy Baker and Mom-Entrepreneur in One

Carrot Cake and Choco Ampalaya Cake

By Jim Moriones, |

Amy’s Fruit and Vegetable Cakes has been within the visual perimeter of healthy foodie bloggers. It was even featured on a morning show from one of the biggest television network in the country because of their delicious and sumptuous guilt-free cakes and cupcakes.

Amy's Fruit and Vegetable Cakes

Amy’s Fruit and Vegetable Cakes are created out of the ingredients found in your refrigerators, or at the nearest market place.

I often see baking as a tedious hobby. But not for this inspiring mom and entrepreneur. When asked about the reasons on what makes her happy, Amy Fetizanan, owner of Amy’s Fruit and Vegetable Cakes says that it’s her family that makes her happy and most especially her husband. However, it’s in baking that she finds some sort of fulfillment.

She says, other women find stress in their work but she doesn’t. She finds stress relief in baking. Amy actually gets the good kind of stress that motivates her to discover more when she mixes and matches ingredients. Once she discovers something good in an awesome tasty new recipe, she finds bliss.

Baking started out as hobby for Amy. On her daughter’s first birthday, she made a masterpiece that kept the guests craving for it. From then on she always thought about her success and finds motivation on how to improve her creations, making them healthier, with the inclusion of fruits and vegetables to Amy’s Fruit and Vegetable Cake creations. It was her kids that inspired her to set-up a full-time business. For Amy Fetizanan, it’s just like sharing to the world what her children has tastefully loved all through the years.


Carrot Pineapple Cake
Carrot Pineapple Cake. It’s a heavy duty carrot cake. Carrot is said to improve eye sight and prevents cancer according to doctors.

Amy Fetizanan learned her entrepreneurial skills from her husband, Junjun Fetizanan, a certified digital entrepreneur and information technology practitioner. She said her husband always supports and prods her to sell her creations. One day, an opportunity came along. A handful of Junjun’s invited business partners were able to taste the cake and got surprised that it’s partly made of vegetables. After the warm reception that she got from Junjun’s business partners, she found the courage to join bazaars and got overwhelmed by the response she got for her cakes.


Amy's Fruit and Vegetable Cakes
Amy’s Fruit and Vegetable Cakes


Her first variety was unfrosted cakes, but people were more inclined to inquire for frosted ones. Amy’s Fruit and Vegetable Cakes now have the frosted variety. Amy Fetizanan suggests that in order for a baking company to succeed, you must learn all of the things in the trade in a short span of time. Her husband’s influence on digital made her learn through Youtube videos and learning modules. It helped her do the mixes and matches she needed for the healthy cakes.


She finds inspiration in making healthier cakes healthy through her mother-in-law who has diabetes. She did better healthier cake versions, with less sugar for those kind of cakes you can’t afford to go ‘sugar-free’. This is evident in the fondant cakes that she bakes.

“To succeed, you will experience many failures.”quips Amy. She talked about the many failed attempts that she made just to get the right blend. “Trial and error isn’t avoidable, especially in baking.”, Amy adds.

Amy Fetizanan
Amy Fetizanan was once an Accountant and now a Certified Mompreneur.
Amy's Fruit and Vegetable Cakes
Junjun and Amy Fetizanan with their kids.

“Junjun, my husband is the one that has that ‘general taste buds’ na pang masa, pang maramihan. He is God’s blessing and gift for me because of the things that he does” she added.

Amy’s Fruit and Vegetable Cake’s line-up of cakes has 2 categories, the Light and Fluffy and the Dense and Filling. The Light and Fluffy variations are cakes that are tall, chiffon like cakes, while the Dense and Filling ones are small but heavy to your tummy cakes.

Amy said she isn’t even considering on looking for employment now.  Employment can’t replace what she does for Amy’s Fruit and Vegetable Cakes. Being in the cake business gives her the luxury to spend quality time with her family, most importantly her children.

Her advice on being a mompreneur.

“Continue to develop yourself. Find your passion. Discover your purpose. When your kids are all grown up, you need to find the inspiration to keep going.”

“Even if  I’m not 100 % focused on my business now, I know there will come a time that my children will need me less as they grow up, that is when I find the opportunity to pay more attention to my business. I know that the success of my business will give me the opportunity to study again, or even travel” she added.

She further suggests that women explore, look for the things that they are passionate about, and grow. Age for her is just a number and no one can stop a mom-preneur and independent woman.

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