What is Inside the Lil Boo Pop?


Patricia Aleckzandra | FoodFindsAsia

Calling all health enthusiasts and body cautious folks out there! Are you in the mood for a frozen treat that would spare the bod you’ve been working on for months? Can’t soak your teeth to that creamy, delicious delicacy because your diet won’t allow it? Do not lose hope because today is your lucky day! We have found something new, fresh, and indeed healthy that would make you shout “BOO-yah!” We give you the Philippines’ first gourmet line that is all-natural, sugar-free, and gluten-free ice pops – LilBoo. Today, it has positioned itself to become PH’s office wellness partner.Lil Boo

There is a connotation among Filipinos that delicious food is “bad for the health” food. LilBoo proved it wrong. Just because it is delicious, does not mean it is unhealthy.

That’s when siblings Susan Cecille and Ian Carlo have found a way to make something everyone can enjoy while staying in proper shape.

Lil Boo
Susan Cecille and Ian Carlo maker of Lil Boo

In a time when a healthy lifestyle is in demand, they came up with the idea to contribute to the solution. LilBoo’s blossoming idea is very timely and relevant to a health-cautious environment.

LilBoo do not use any artificial flavoring (Yes! No sugar, vanilla, chocolate or whatsoever flavoring you need!) but each pop is still flavorful as it should be. How do they do it? By simply being organic and staying organic.

From sweeteners to food coloring, all ingredients used are fruits, veggies, herbs, edible flowers and seeds found in our local farms. LilBoo do not only advocate healthy living but also reliving sweet childhood memories. Remember the sweet nectar you pull out from those Santan flowers? Lil Boo uses hundreds of Santan flowers to create these out of the box ingredients that will add up to the colors and excitement brought by each frozen pop.

This June, LilBoo made something special to make our month happier and healthier with their JUNE SUPER 8 BOO POPS, which include ABOOCADO, FRUITY-BOO, KIWI-KOALA, KIWI-BOO-MELON, MANGO-BOO-YAH, ORANGE-BOO-LEMONS, STRAW-BOO-BERRY, and VERY-BOO-BERRY. Grab and try one now!

Lil Boo Aboocado

Lil Boo Fruity Boo Lil Boo Kiwi Koala Lil Boo Kiwiboomelon Lil Boo Mango Booyah Lil Boo Orange Boo Lemon Lil Boo Strawbooberry Lil Boo Verrybooberry

LilBoo’s journey in the food industry is not yet over. Surely, they will continue to help in advocating a healthy lifestyle to every Filipino. What are you waiting for? Grab one, or two, of these healthy frozen treats on a stick now!

LilBoo Now!