If You Love Travel, You’ll Love Scratch Off Maps

Scratch Off Maps

Travellers nowadays are equipped with many necessities, from Go-Pro’s to selfie sticks all the way through to jam packed tourist guides and journals documenting their travels. There is however a new phoenonenom sweeping the travelling world – the scratch map – or scratch off map.

scratch_off_mapsScratch off maps are officially taking the consumer markets by storm as a novel way to record their travels around the globe. The cost of international travel has lowered over the years as airlines and travel companies compete in price wars for custom – this has meant the opportunity to travel has been opened up to a much larger demographic.

What are scratch off maps?

Most travellers like to keep a diary, journal or vlog of their travels – including which destinations they’ve visited – scratch off maps can help keep tabs on your various destinations that you’ve travelled to.

Scratch off maps normally come within a sturdy tube package (ideal for carrying around) and once opened, you’ll be confronted with a beautifully laid out map of the world covered in a thin layer of coloured foil (gold is normally the choice).

When a destination is visited, travellers can ‘scratch off’ the foil to reveal a new colour – see image below for a better idea:

From the heights of the Himalayas and Mount Fiji – all the way through to the desolate plains of the Nairobi desert, you can simply pinpoint your location, scratch and see what colours you reveal.

It’s also worth noting that scratch off maps make particularly good presents for family and friends – especially if you know that they’re keen on travel – so why not gift a scratch off map for this upcoming holiday season?

Show Off Your Travels in Style

If there’s one thing that most travellers love to do it’s to reminisce on their travels – and if you ask anyone, they’ll always find it difficult to remember every place they’ve been too. Scratch off maps are designed with style and can be a real great piece to show friends and family to detail your travels meaning that you can easily recall stories and make great conversation.

Scratch off maps also look fantastic as a centrepiece on a wall or office and can really make a statement that adds a bit of a wow-factor (even if you haven’t travelled anywhere, the map still looks superb on a wall as a talking point – granted, would be good if some were scratched!)

There are different variants

Some like to travel the world and some would like to simply travel their domestic country. Scratch maps come in a variety of different forms from worldwide maps to country specific maps – so the possibilities are endless. Maybe you choose to travel a new country each year and decide that you’ll buy individual scratch maps for each country when you visit – you could end up with a whole library of scratch maps to showcase your travels on a country specific level!

Whatever you choose to do one thing is for sure, scratch maps are now a must have for any and all travellers that want to keep an aesthetically pleasing visual of all the places they’ve visited.