I Am Iloilo Must Try Foodies


by Irene Tria, FoodfindsAsia.com |

If you are planning to visit the province of Iloilo, aside from their historical churches and houses, island hidden beaches and festivals…  a taste of  Iloilo’s finest is a must try!

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1. Breakthrough restaurant was named as such because the  owners  were able to ‘break through’ their humble beginnings as their  resto  became one of the most famous dining spots in Iloilo.







Must Try:

Baked Oysters

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Sweet and Spicy Crabs

  Picture 1315




2. Netongs La Paz Batchoy it opened in the 1940’s, locals and tourists have been flocking to try Iloilo’s signature dish, La Paz Batchoy.


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Must Try: La Paz Batchoy paired with puto

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3. Roberto’s  one of the most iconic restaurants in Iloilo because of its legendary King and Queen Siopao.

Picture 1117 Picture 1115









Must Try: King and Queen Siopaos
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4. Madge Cafe offers a native-brewed coffee to satisfy coffee cravings after trying Iloilo’s famous La Paz Batchoy which is just few steps away from Netongs.


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Must Try: light brewed with milk, strong and iced choco 

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5. Hometown Buffet by Freska has wide selection of famous Ilonggo Dishes for a very low price.

Must Try: Pork Sisig Sipa        Picture 1039


Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, your visit to Iloilo will never be complete without trying these famous Iloilo’s finest food offerings.