How to Use Social Media for your Food Business

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By Ana Margarita Olar|

When you are considering using social media in marketing your business, think about the audience that you’re communicating with. Think about what will attract your customer to visit your place. Choose a theme, tone, or character based on this thinking that you will consistently use on all your social media. You can also choose to rhyme or contrasting words that would describe your products and that would catch your customer’s attention and be curious to try your place and your product.

Explore Facebook Marketing:

It is still the most used social media platform when you search for hangout, products, and services. Here are some tips to help you out:

Take advantage of your cover image. You can put a nice picture of your place or a delicious shot of you’re the food you offer. Describe your food in a mouth watering way. You always change your cover photo to keep your audience updated about your product.

Upload a number of photos on your Facebook page. Most customers would want to see what your products look like before deciding to buy it. So have a lot of your product’s photo available for your customer’s browsing.

Take advantage of Facebook Page tabs. The first four tabs that show up on your front page must be used wisely. Here you can include photos of food, your location, menu items, and food deals. Be direct to the point and give your customers the visuals and information that they will need to go to your place. Since food business needs a lot of visual exposures, you can embed a video on how your food was prepared or a testimonial of happy customers who have tried your product.

Geo Target your ads. You can target your ads to be seen by an audience in your particular geographic location.

Optimize for Local Search. Make sure that people can find you by publishing content about your city, region, and even your zip code. Also, mention related business in your area, and relevant events happening around you. If you use an organic and local search results are too competitive in your area, pay-per-click ad networks from Google and Facebook can give you a boost with Geo-targeted campaign settings.


Try other social media sites:

Pinterest– activities on this site are mostly based on shared interest, so for small businesses, this is the ideal place to find new audiences. Also, food is the most browsed and pinned niche categories on Pinterest.

Small reach platforms can also help you out because the audience already selected these sites and most likely be interested in your business. These sites include dishPAl, Instagram, Foodily, Purpple, Kitchen Artistry, and food-oriented groups on Flickr.

Take your marketing to the next level.

For those who have their own food business website, make sure that your site is mobile friendly. Consider what your photos and tabs will look like on the computer and on the mobile phones as well because busy customers tend to look for food on their mobile phones. You can also use your social media platform to enable ordering or table reservations and even payment via online. Try choosing an app from the Wix App market made for these type of functions such as reservations, ordering and transmitting of funds.