How to Use Instagram to Market your Resto


By Ana Margarita Olar|

Instagram is one of the most used social media tools where resto-goers and food lovers take a shot of their favorite food, or their recently created menu. Post its photo, brag about it, and share it with their friends. So why not use this huge opportunity to entice people to come and visit your restaurant?

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Begin by creating your own Instagram account and posting photos of your food, cuisine, décor and staff. Create a visual presentation of all your restaurant’s operation and the menu including appetizers, main course, desserts, dining room ambiance, staff members and even the kitchen operations. Show photos of the staff working such as how the food was prepared, how it is served, how they keep things sanitized and in order, etc. Post photos and short videos regularly to tickle the imagination of your audience and to make them crave and go back again and again for your products.

2. Create new food and signature beverages. These will attract curious customers to keep coming back and try new items on the menu.

3. Use these tips to optimize the photos being uploaded in your Instagram account:

Lighting– Get the right color of the food by shooting in natural light. Place the food near a window to capture that natural light.

Staging– when staging your dish photos, don’t just focus on what’s on the plate but what’s on its background. Add a fork or a knife depending on your menu, include the sauce, salt and pepper on the side. Take a photo from above if possible taking care not to include shadows or your feet on the shot.

4. Encourage customers to post pictures taken at your resto. This strategy is an improved version of the traditional word-of-mouth marketing. The photo filled with happy and satisfied customers will speak for itself.

5. Tell a story. A photo itself can tell a story with minimal captioning. Tell your patrons about a catering event, remodeling project, or a typical day in the restaurant. Use Instagram posts to tell the people about special events happening at your resto.

6. Hashtag and Geo-tagging Strategies

Use hashtags and geotagging to help people find the restaurant’s posts by subject and location. Think about a simple word or phrase related to your resto that is easy to remember and spell. Publicize the company hashtag on the blog posts, website, stationery, advertising and social media pages. Use this unique hashtag on all Instagram posts. Also, geotagging lets people know where users are located.

Accept it or not, the people’s craziness over food is not going away and the trend of food porn is here to stay. Instagram plus the food porn trend, when used properly, can really be a great help to restaurant owners so that they can consistently attract a pool of hungry customers.