How to Stay Hydrated While Taking CBD

How to Stay Hydrated While Taking CBD

How to Stay Hydrated While Taking CBD | The CBD industry is continuing to grow in the United States despite the effects of Covid-19 on many other industries. Over the last few years, CBD products and supplements have not only etched out a corner of the market for themselves, but they’ve also dominated it as well. It is noteworthy to point out that they have done this even while there are still many questions around just what CBD is, and what effects it has on the human body––particularly as so many have used it to relieve the effects of a number of medical conditions.

Why has CBD grown in popularity?

There is also a legal stigma around the use of CBD that can deter its use. Since the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the sale and ownership of the hemp plant and its derivatives has been completely legal. Hemp is a part of the cannabis family and produces cannabinoids of which one, cannabidiol (CBD), is the basis of oils, tinctures, creams, and ointments. It isn’t to be mixed up with marijuana, another strain of the cannabis family, that is illegal across the U.S. That’s why it’s hard to shop CBD oil products.

The difference is the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabinoid that exists in both plants. THC is the psychoactive chemical that gives marijuana user’s their “high.” CBD products, as mandated by the FDA, must contain no more than 0.3% THC, or else they cannot be sold.

Can CBD usage help people?

Why is this relevant? Simply put, the CBD market relies on being able to have a positive effect and none of the negatives. CBD sellers, including believe that the answer to relieving some medical conditions such as high blood pressure or chronic back pain can be found in their products. Whilst the scientific community is still conducting tests into the potential health benefits of the hemp plant, CBD sellers are adamant that their oils and consumable supplements have the ability to soothe over-active minds and help customers with weight loss. Like many herb-based treatments, CBD is not an official form of medication and should not be treated as such. However, there are many that can attest to the calmness that they bring, and how the legality of a once-taboo product ensures that it is now cleaner and getting the attention from the scientific community that it deserves.

Never consume without a doctor’s advice.

That being said, you can’t ingest CBD products without being aware that there may be one or two side effects. Whilst these aren’t particularly harmful in the long run, they should be accounted for before ingesting anything, (and it’s always advisable to speak to a Doctor before consuming anything that is reported to have any effects on one’s health). One particular stand-out amongst the mild side effects is that of dehydration, which begs the question of just how one can stay hydrated when using CBD.

We’ve all had times when no amount of tap water is filling that thirst. They usually accompany hot and sunny days, when the refrigerator that was swelling with bottled water is now empty, and no amount of air conditioning has helped. Having an unquenched thirst is a form of torture, but could also attest to other problems that require attention. CBD usage, whilst it can lead to dehydration, can also lead users to go the wrong way and drink excessive amounts of water––so the first thing to do in order to keep hydrated, is to consume a balanced amount.

Be wary of going too far the other way, though.

Drinking too much water can lead to water retention, as the body does not pass the used liquid as urine. After passing through the body’s digestive system, wastewater is removed from the blood via the kidneys. A failure to do this means that the water and its contaminants are retained in the body, which can cause a range of problems with the kidneys, the intestines, and gut, as well as high blood pressure and heart problems. Water retention will also cause swelling in the arms and legs and skin complaints. To get around water and fluid retention, the body needs to be able to flush the excess liquid are urine, and a natural diuretic such as SwellNoMore will help.

The first order of business regarding the use of such additional products is to know, just what is a natural diuretic? These are supplements that have a diuretic effect (flushing of excess liquid) on the body. The diuretic is composed of natural ingredients and herbs such as green tea leaves, juniper berries, lemon, watermelon, dandelion, and hydrangea root. As dietary supplements, diuretics will help with cleaning out the body as well as providing the body with the sodium that has been inadvertently flushed.

Bottled water on standby.

Thus, to remain hydrated during CBD usage, it’s best to remember not to over-quench that thirst. In addition, it would be a real advantage to rely less on tap water and more on natural spring water that can be found in bottled form. For bottled spring water, companies such as Canadian Springs are on hand to ensure you have plenty to get through the day and offer plenty of special offers for new customers with their home delivery service.