How to Optimize Your Event Investment

Event investment

New White Paper Details a Four-Step Plan for Boosting Performance Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you have a bigger budget than last year or you are tightening the belt on your event programs in the months ahead, all event marketers have to optimize the effectiveness of their portfolios in order to prove the value of the money being spent on live engagements. The experts at Next Marketing have developed a set of four principles designed to make this journey from ideation to optimization as efficient and painless as possible, and are excited to share it with you.

In this paper you will get tips, insights and actionable strategies on:

  • How to be ‘tactically strategic’—and why killer ideas will die without it
  • How to boost active engagements with the ‘Four E’s’ model
  • Why to put metrics objectives first to ensure optimal results
  • Five ways to find budget-saving efficiencies (it’s not where you think)
  • Real-world case study: how the Four E’s stimulates sales on a sampling tour

Download your copy of this white paper today and get your free guide to optimizing your events—and your budget.


[Source: Event Marketer]