How To Make Your Restaurant Senior Friendly

How To Make Your Restaurant Senior Friendly

FoodFindsAsia | How To Make Your Restaurant Senior Friendly | Restaurants distinguish themselves from the local food scene with a theme or focus. For example, some restaurants cater to young children, and others prioritize families.

There are also restaurants catering to seniors. More than 54 million Americans were 65 or older as of 2019, and the Census Bureau projects this number will exceed 94 million by 2060. Seniors have unique needs, and if you’re planning a senior-friendly eating establishment, you should keep those needs in mind when designing your restaurant. Let’s examine ways to make sure your restaurant’s appealing to seniors.

Consider your location.

Many restaurants fail to stay in business, and location is the primary reason restaurants fail. While all restaurants need a great location, your restaurant must be accessible to be an ideal destination for seniors. When seniors discuss trip ideas, you don’t want them to dismiss your restaurant because it’s hard to reach.

The best way to attract seniors is to choose a location near assisted-living facilities. Assisted-living facilities are one type of accommodation that senior-living communities offer. While assisted-living centers provide residents with personal and medical care, independent-living residents in senior-living communities live in their apartments. Facility employees provide light housekeeping services, and independent living residents have access to staff in an emergency. Establishing a restaurant near assisted living in Gladstone ensures their residents can easily plan a trip to your restaurant.

While some senior-living community residents may have access to a car or a staff person who provides transportation, others may rely on group or public transportation. Identify those routes and ensure you’re close to stops to make it easy for seniors to travel to your restaurant. Alternatively, you could partner with a local Uber driver to offer transportation to senior patrons. You can also work with the senior-living facility and offer special discounts for guests during their annual events.

Pay attention to your interior and exterior.

Restaurants need essential equipment to store fresh produce and other groceries. Apply for direct financing to lease Eugene restaurant equipment. You’ll find essential wholesale supplies such as commercial refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, mixers, food-warming equipment, and food-prep tables. Securing quality equipment at affordable prices lets you conserve costs and still get the restaurant equipment you need.

Your dining room should be spacious and bright. Many seniors have vision loss, but adding plenty of soft ambient lighting is an effective way to improve their visual acuity and promote safety. Seniors may also use canes, walkers, or wheelchairs, which is why you should have wide aisles between tables.

Offer handicap parking, seating, and restrooms to ensure all seniors enjoy your establishment. A level entrance is ideal so seniors won’t have to climb stairs when entering or leaving your restaurant, but you should ensure all rooms in your restaurant are wheelchair accessible.

Add senior-friendly details.

Print menus with large text, ensuring your senior guests can read your menu. They’ll appreciate every accommodation you make to promote their independence. Opt for soft music so your patrons won’t struggle to hear. You may also set up booths to provide sound buffers so guests who need to speak loudly won’t disturb other patrons.

Invest in dinnerware that’s easy for seniors to grip and hold. Purchasing unbreakable glassware will reduce your replacement costs if patrons drop cups.

Teach your staff about common health issues affecting older persons so they can identify patrons with hearing issues and adjust their volume when speaking. Ensure your staff members know how to verify if guests qualify for a senior discount. Since seniors are on a fixed income, they’ll appreciate eating establishments with affordable menu options and senior discounts.

Creating a senior-friendly restaurant is a great way to attract older patrons. Choose a location near a senior community and ensure your restaurant’s accessible and safe for older guests.

Photo by pedro18 from Pexels