How to Leverage Instagram, Snapchat and Vine for Events


New White Paper Introduces the New Power Trio of Social Media and Details How They Work, Who Uses Them and How to Make Them a Part of Your Event’s Social Strategy. Plus, Tips on How to Hashtag

Many event marketers are still clinging to Facebook and Twitter while the marketplace pops with exciting new social platforms that can deliver higher-quality interactions with highly-targeted audiences. And as a result, they’re missing out on countless opportunities to connect and cut through the clutter—in real-time.

In this paper you’ll learn:

• Why Facebook and Twitter are No Longer Enough
• How Instagram, Vine and Snapchat Can Drive Awareness and Reach
• How to Leverage the Visual Power of Instagram— and What Mistakes to Avoid
• How to Create Hashtags Like a Pro, and Integrate Them Across Your Activation
• Why Consumers Can’t Resist Snapchat—and the Smartest Ways to Use It
• How to Connect on Vine—Where Viral Videos (and Their Makers) Rule

Ready to break out of the “old” social media rut, and break into the platforms that matter—to your current customers, to your future customers and to your brand? Download your free copy of this white paper today to find out how.


[Source: Event Marketer]