How to Find Healthy Meal Delivery Plans

The Link Between Nutrition and Athletic Performance Natural Ways To Improve Your Health How to Find Healthy Meal Delivery Plans | How to Find Healthy Meal Delivery Plans | We live in a world where we can order anything to our doorstep in a blink of an eye. Meal delivery companies have revolutionized the way we eat our meals. Do you know that men are 40% more likely than women to sign up for meal delivery plans? And that Millennials are 321% more likely to purchase prepared meals than the older generation.

If you’re wondering why you should pay for meal plan delivery services instead of going out to eat in a restaurant, well life gets in the way leaving us no time to shop for groceries and cook up a sumptuous meal.

Meal plans are a quick and easy option using a pay-as-you-go subscription model. You get fresh, tasty meals delivered at your doorstep ready to eat.

But before you sign up for a home delivery meal plan, it is crucial you ask these critical questions to guide you in choosing the best meal delivery service provider.

  • Does the Meal Plan meet your Weight Goals?

Are you trying to bulk up or lose weight? Your meal plan should provide a healthy way for you to achieve your weight goals with calorie-controlled meals. You should ensure the delivery service understands your needs and will help you reach your goals. You don’t want to end up adding extra pounds if you are on a weight loss journey.

The meal delivery plans should also provide information about how many calories are in the ingredients and ultimately in the meal to help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

  • Is Essential Nutritional Information provided?

What are your daily nutritional needs? Are they being met by your meal delivery plans? A healthy meal plan should include carbohydrates for energy, protein to build muscle mass and healthy fats for a robust system. Plus an additional topping of vegetables and fruits for vitamins and minerals.

The portions of each food group will vary with your nutritional needs and body goals. If you are a vegan, plant protein will be your go-to food. People on Mediterranean diets fill up on more vegetables than the other food groups, and if you are on a keto diet plan, you want a meal packed with more healthy fats and protein and fewer carbs. Others prefer food and condiments without gluten such as gluten free ketchup.

  • What Complementary Services does the Plan include?

Some meal delivery services offer you free nutritional consultation with a dietician when you sign up for their services. You can also be part of a vibrant online community on healthy eating.

Some offer membership clubs on nutrition and fitness or if you sign up with other meal delivery services you get free fitness and wellness services or gym memberships for a specific period. You get to trim down and shape up at the same time.

  • Will the Food Taste Good?

Everyone has different taste buds. What may taste delicious to you can be quite a mouthful for someone else. It makes this question difficult to answer, but you can check out online reviews of your choice meal delivery service for food taste and quality.

  • How the Food is shipped and is it within my Budget?

What is your set weekly and monthly meal plan budget? Consider your needs and budget cap before contracting a meal delivery service. You don’t want to dent your pockets with a costly meal plan you might source cheaply from a different service provider.

Most meals cost $10-$15 per meal. Also, check out how big the portions are. Are the portions worth the price you’re paying? This is essential because it can affect the value of service.

With some delivery services, you get free shipping charges after you sign up. Find out if your ideal service provider offers free shipping, or the meal plans come at an additional cost. Paid shipping adds to the cost of the meal plan and can work up a massive bill.

  • How is the Food Packaged?

Some service providers deliver their meals frozen while for others you need to refrigerate the meals first before they are ready to eat. Even though refrigerated meals are quite fresh than their frozen counterparts, they have a low shelf life.

Consider how often in a week or month you will need prepared meals and in what state would you like to eat them. Are you okay with microwaving food, quick heat up using a stove or frozen meals?

Why you need Meal Delivery Plans

If you are not big on the day to day cooking of meals and not a fan of eating out especially junk food you might consider meal delivery plans for the following benefits:

  • Healthy Eating

When you feel famished, and your blood sugar hits a low point, your body starts craving anything on sight. You will end up in the nearest fast food joint due to convenience ravishing junk foods.

With a meal plan, you become disciplined, you can control what you eat, and it’s easy to stick to healthy foods.

  • Waste Less

According to, residential account for 44% of food waste followed closely by restaurants at 33%. Your meal plan matches your tastes and preferences, so you are consuming foods you love.

You’ll be looking forward to your next meal and chances are high you will not waste any of the ingredients. And even if you have leftovers, you can turn them into creative sumptuous meals.

  • Save Time

Meal plans reduce the constant visits to your grocery to source for ingredients. You get fresh foods delivered to your doorstep leaving you free to focus on other essential life duties.

Bottom line:

Say goodbye to long hours at the grocery shop and disturbing moments in the kitchen. Meal delivery services save you precious time and effort in the kitchen.  You get to enjoy nutritious and tasty meals at the comfort of your home.

There are tons of meal delivery companies to choose from to suit your budget and needs. Meal delivery plan is not a one size fits all approach. We all have different nutritional needs. It is essential you seek out a service provider to suit your needs.