How to Cook Like a Chef


by Kim Grundy | Wish you could get a private cooking lesson from some of your favorite chefs, like Bobby Flay, Sandra Lee, Ellie Krieger or Jamie Oliver? We have rounded up the best cooking tips from our favorite food-loving chefs to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. But first, click here and find out some interesting things about food sanitation and home cooking. After that, read on!

Gordon Ramsay: How to cook the perfect scrambled eggs

British chef Gordon Ramsay shares his secret for making the perfect scrambled eggs — you know, not watery, but creamy, fluffy and full of flavor. The Hell’s Kitchen star shares his easy and practical tips, such as why you should wait to season the eggs until after they are cooked and why you wait to whisk the eggs until they are in the pan. As a bonus? Find out his secret ingredient to turn your scrambled eggs from so-so to “sexy.”

Ina Garten on roasting the perfect chicken

Barefoot Contessa’s Ina Garten has a knack for turning simple dishes into a delicious feast using basic ingredients. In this video, she shares tips for roasting the perfect chicken. From using the right simple ingredients (think lemon, garlic and thyme) to the importance of brushing the chicken with butter to create the perfect flavorful chicken, your family will be impressed with your cooking skills. Ina also shares tips for expertly trussing a chicken, in which you tie the legs and wings against the body so the chicken cooks perfectly. (Trust me, it is easier than it sounds.) Finally, learn how to tell when the chicken is done (ahem, shake hands with its leg) and tips for carving it for the perfect presentation.

How to cook perfect quinoa every time

As Heidi Klum would say, quinoa is in — and rice is out. Quinoa is the hottest superfood that tastes like rice, but is more nutritious. Don’t be intimidated by cooking this yummy whole grain, which is actually a seed. It is easy to whip up light, fluffy and delicious quinoa fast if you know this one trick: Roast the quinoa in olive oil before you add the water to remove any bitterness. Find out more easy cooking tips to make the perfect quinoa every time.

Jamie Oliver’s tips on cooking pasta

It sounds simple enough to cook pasta, but many of us are guilty of serving pasta that is sticky, heavy and stuck together. Chef Jamie Oliver shares tips for cooking pasta perfectly every time, starting with seasoning the water. Wonder how to keep pasta from sticking together? Before you cook it, you simply twist it and let it fall into the pot so it spreads out perfectly. Genius. Also find out why you should save a cup of that starchy water for the perfect pasta dish.

How to sauté mushrooms

Impress your significant other by whipping up a batch of perfectly sautéed mushrooms. Did you know that mushrooms will shrink to half their size? So make sure you have plenty of mushrooms on hand before you begin. Mushrooms also first absorb the oil while cooking, and then release it. Make sure you don’t add too much oil until you see how much they will release to avoid greasy mushrooms. Watch the short video for more easy and practical tips, including finding out the right time to season your mushrooms.

How to grill vegetables like a chef

Wondering how to grill the perfect vegetables that aren’t charred to a crisp or crunchy and undercooked? The key, says Sarah Carey, is to pre-cook some veggies, including sweet potatoes and new potatoes, so they aren’t hard as rocks. When cooking zucchini or squash, make sure you cut them all uniformly with equal thickness so they all cook the same.

Watch to see more tips and to check out her easy and yummy spice rub for your veggies.

Jamie Oliver’s Knife Skills

Ready to slice and dice vegetables like a pro? Chef Jamie Oliver gives tips on the three knife techniques, including cross chopping, tap-chopping and rock-chopping.

Did we mention he has a cute accent and is entertaining to boot? You will also learn how to quickly cut veggies without chopping your finger.

Ready for dessert?

Watch this video to find out how to make parfait glass desserts.