How to choose the perfect coffee for people with Acid Reflux and Digestive Issues

The perfect coffee for people with Acid Reflux and Digestive Issues | How to choose the perfect coffee for people with Acid Reflux and Digestive Issues | We know that one of the most loved beverages across the globe is coffee. A drink that most people find irresistible. Whether you have it in the morning or at any other time of the day, a cup of coffee always relaxes you. Millions of people drink their coffee without knowing the good and the evil of consuming the drink. 

Although coffee consumption has many health benefits, it also brings with it several side effects like Acid Reflux, Indigestion, and heartburns.

Those who have to live with constant and severe acid refluxes and heartburn often find it difficult to ascertain the wrong food habit that leads to such a condition. If you are facing these immune problems and drinking coffee, then you have just got your answer.

How can coffee cause acid reflux and digestive problems?

Regular coffee can trigger several stomach related problems. It is because coffee produces acidic material naturally, and the same is stimulated by various factors leading to the preparation of the drink. 

Coffee Bean Roast – Roasting of the coffee bean has an important part in the acid content of coffee. The dark roasted coffee bean is less acidic than light roast coffee.

Caffeine – Coffee has caffeine, which increases acids in the stomach and causes the esophageal sphincter (LES) to relax. When the stomach relaxes, the acid moves upwards into the esophagus leading to heartburns.

Coffee Oil – Coffee oil is the reason for the faster build-up of acid in the stomach. It causes digestive issues in the body.

The coffee beans’ organic acid gives coffee that tangy taste that coffee lovers across the world enjoy.

Ways to choose the right coffee for people with acid reflux and digestive issues.

Low acid coffee

Many coffee brands today are giving a specialized treatment to the coffee beans so that it contains less acid and, at the same time, retains its authentic flavour. By roasting the coffee beans slowly or altering the roasting process, each bean’s acid content is significantly reduced.

In another process, the low acid coffee brands remove the coffee beans’ waxy outer layer before roasting it so that the acidity level decreases in each bean. The results of this process are that, though the coffee beans are treated differently, the flavours are somewhat similar, and people with acid problems do not have to run for medicines.

The only drawback in this process is the loss of coffee aroma because of the extraction of natural acids.

Dark Roast

The dark roast also helps to remove the acidic content in the coffee beans. The beans are treated to high temperature till all the moisture from it evaporates. This makes the coffee beans fluffy and low on acidic content. It, however, tastes bitter. If you prefer dense coffee, then dark roast coffee is not ideal; however, it is suitable for people with the acid reflux and digestion problems.


It is a proven fact that coffee that grows in low elevation has less acidic content than those that grow in higher elevation. If you know where your coffee grows, then you can drink coffee, which is naturally low in acid content.

Acid Neutralisers

One way to reduce acid in your coffee is by introducing a chemical reaction that would eliminate the acid. There are products in the market that tame the acid content in coffee up to 90 percent without changing the coffee flavour. 

These products do not act as an antacid but are somewhat proactive in binding the coffee acids together to not upset your stomach.

Cold Brewing of coffee

This has slowly become a very popular procedure to reduce the acidic factor of the coffee. Coffee lovers can also enjoy the essence of authentic coffee without having to sacrifice on the taste. The reason why cold coffee is effective in neutralizing the acid content in coffee is because it uses cold water to brew instead of the hot water that is used in regular coffee.

This process helps to reduce coffee acid by 70 percent in comparison to a regular cup.

Addition of Salt

Salt is generally added to coffee before brewing or to the end product to reduce coffee’s bitterness. It is said that a pinch of salt helps to minimize the acid in the coffee by making it smoother and thus decreases the chance of an acid reflux flare-up.

The bottom line

To select that perfect coffee for people with Acid reflux and digestive issues, the trial and error method is the best because you never know which process or product suits your immune system. However, there are some brands in the market which provide low acid coffee. Click here to find out the best low acid coffee you can drink.