How To Celebrate Safely In The Midst Of This Global Crisis

Celebrate Safely | How To Celebrate Safely In The Midst Of This Global Crisis | The pandemic is dramatically transforming every aspect of life-as-you-know-it, for better or worse. The disruptions in daily life are leading everyone to think, plan and act towards creating a ‘new normal’. Sadly, the celebrations are not also exempt from this pattern.

Do you wish to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other religious, social or corporate events these days? Are you feeling helpless because of the restrictions of social distancing?

Don’t despair. There are still many ways to celebrate special occasions with your loved ones.

Here are some tips to get you in the groove for an innovative and safe celebration in these times.

When you are the host:

  • Set the mood first: It’s your celebration. So, dress up and decorate your living space irrespective of people physically attending the party there.
  • Throw virtual parties: Invite your guests over a digital party through social media platforms. Connect online. Celebrate live with friends and family over the smart-screen and have a blast from your own homes.
  • Spruce up the online gatherings: Social distancing doesn’t mean being socially distant. Enjoy a movie night or an all-nighter gaming session with your gang online through sync-ed up apps and browser extensions. Get the party going while maintaining all safety norms!
  • Picnic parties with social distancing: Feeling too cooped up for so long? Invite people for a picnic party in the park. Guests can safely meet and greet to enjoy the event by bringing in their own food and blankets.
  • Go wild in the outdoors: Looking for more? Go camping. Ask everyone to bring their own camping gears. Enjoy nature’s bounty, cook fresh meals in the campfire. It might just turn out to be one of their most memorable celebrations ever. 
  • Share the happiness: Make your celebration a source of joy to the world around you. Participate in charity works, volunteer or donate at social projects to help those in need in this crisis.

When you are the guest:

  • Send a digital gift: Compliment the celebrations with digital gifts. Make a collage of special memories through old photos and videos. Post it online with a heartfelt message and make the event more special. Send e-vouchers, prepaid subscriptions of their favourite magazines, art & craft supplies etc. for a more thoughtful gesture.
  • Arrange a surprise: Do you live close by someone celebrating a special day? Even if you can’t party like before, cheer them up with a special stunt. Drive by their home with a friends’ convoy while playing loud music and shouting out their names. Depending on the occasion, drop off a wrapped care package or a box of chocolates and cake etc.  Or, flaunt your taste and put a beautiful bouquet of flowers at their doorstep for a happy surprise! 

But, no innovative approach can beat celebrating in person. Are you ready to join a party while maintaining social distancing rules? Get in touch with a catering company in Sydney who understands the gravity of the situation perfectly. Contact Flavours for best quality food and services delivered with utmost safety precautions today.