How to analyze daily news effectively using internet to prepare for the Current affairs section


Homerun Nievera, Food Finds Asia | Every year, various examinations are conducted under the government sector. The pattern of the examination has changed over time. According to the latest pattern, the recruitment council has added a current affairs section. It deals with topics on latest information around you. Whether it is a government job or any other entrance examination, current affairs or general knowledge plays an important role in the same. Perks of preparing this section well is that it is highly scoring. In addition, it will also help you in interviews and group discussions where often you have to talk about current affairs. Few students take up this section seriously than others do. It is one of the important sections for any competitive examinations. The current affair section is named as general awareness for examinations like SSC-CGL, SSC-CHSL, etc. It includes more subjects than only current affair topics.

Beside newspaper, the job aspirant can access the internet for the current affairs. They can access the same either through computer, laptops or on mobile devices as well. In addition, several current affair applications have come up whose main concern is to give an update regarding the daily news in list forms. They also have test series on a daily basis that you can attempt after reading each day’s news. You can mark the important ones and access them whenever you want them. If you do not have time to browse through the pages of the newspaper, then accessing the internet is the right option. You would get daily updates about current affairs. The easy access to internet helps working professionals to save time and complete the preparation. Whether it is for your banking examination, civil service examination or SSC-CGL exam, you can easily prepare for various applications and websites.  

Time management and separate categorization

When preparing for the competitive examinations, it is important to know about good time management. It shall help you to solve more questions within the given time. The more you practice; the more you are able to answer the questions with accuracy. In case of the current affairs, you should answer any question by completely guessing them.

For effectively analyzing news, you can categorize them separately according to sports, lifestyle, entertainment, political news, etc. It shall help you to memorize each section well. After you complete each day’s current affairs,and then do not forget to revise the previous ones. This way, current affairs will be in your fingertips by the time you appear for the examination. For examinations such as SSC-CGL, Bank PO, the current affairs section is included in both the preliminary as well as the mains examination. Therefore, it is of great importance to invest significant time in the section.

Steps for effective studying

Try to listen to the news update every day through the current affairs video that comes up. Following this, you should try to make notes relevant to the news. It shall help you to remember the points in the video well. Try to take help from more than one website or application to have adequate source and ensures that no information is missed out. Read the news like stories to memorize them well instead of directly memorizing them. Even if you do not like the political section, try to make points and remember them. After attempting online test series, try to analyze the weakness and strengths. For the topics that you find difficult, you should invest more time in it. It is believed that visuals are better remembered than any written information.

Use of educational videos

The high-quality educational videos pertaining to current affairs are also very much helpful for the students. With a host of information, you have to use internet judiciously. You can search for the details of any topic on it. Other than websites and applications, the social networking site plays an important role is keeping updated with the information. In order to analyze the level of preparation, going through daily quizzes would be beneficial. Apart from this, you should have the habit of taking notes and taking down the important topics. Also, you will have to revise them periodically. When browsing for the current affairs, you can have a look at the previous year’s question to get an idea about the pattern of questions.

Using the internet, it shall also help to save both time and money, and you will be able to cover up a number of topics within a short time. While preparing for SSC-CGL, SSC-CHSL examination, under the current affairs section, other topics are also included. They are science, economics, civics, history.

Therefore, with the smartphones in hand, accessing the internet has become very easy. It helps to make preparation strategies and help you to clarify doubts instantly. Apart from websites and applications relevant to current affairs, there is e-paper edition for every newspaper. For the candidates, to be able to analyze the current affair topics well, the online tutorials discuss separately on each topic.