How Can Salt Lamps Help to Create a Healthy Environment for Babies and Infants?

salt lamps | You must have never thought about the benefits that Himalayan salt lamps bring for your babies. Yes, it’s surprising to read that a Himalayan lamp can contribute to a healthy environment for your infants. For parents, we will leave no stone unturned to give your baby a healthy, calm, and peaceful environment. The direction and aim of your efforts are to maintain and maximize the ways that can promote a healthy lifestyle for your child. We will guide you about salt lamps that are readily available and can contribute to your goal.

Rock salt lamps, sometimes called Himalayan salt lamps, are hunks of amber colored rock salt mined from the Himalayas. A hollow space is crafted in these salt hunks to create a space for a light bulb or heating element. When connected to electricity they emit a warm reddish-pink light. As compared to ordinary table salt, Himalayan salt contains a high concentration of other trace minerals in its composition. 

These Himalayan salt lamps are considered to have two types of particles:

Pull in particles: These attract the pollutants, allergens, and toxins to their surface. 

Negative ions: They are thought to release negative ions which are beneficial for their health. The negative ions that Himalayan salt lamp emits are also called natural ionizers as they change the electrical charge of the present air which circulates in the premises.

Fab Glass and mirror Himalayan salt lamps are considered real salt lamps when their origin is Khewra mine, Pakistan.

The benefits that they provide for your babies can be:

IMPROVE AIR QUALITY: The Pull in particles attract the allergens, toxins, and pathogens towards their surface and provide healthy air. When a child is in an environment which has minimum risk of catching flu, allergies, or unclean air, it will have a positive effect on their health. There will be chances for them not to develop respiratory conditions. Children are extremely prone to allergic reactions. Therefore, fresh and clean air is an essential element for a child’s health. Therefore, incorporating Himalayan salt lamps in their surroundings is one of the most effective ways to provide them with this luxury.

MOOD BOOSTERS: It is claimed that high exposure to negative ions in the atmosphere can lift up your mood by improving the level of serotonin, which is a mood booster chemical of our bodies. Imagine having a product that helps in lifting or boosting your baby’s mood. The crankiness can subside to a minimum level which will enable your infant in being a happy child. The improving of serotonin affects the entire health of a baby. Babies eat, sleep, play, and grow well. The boosting of mood will also keep away the crankiness of a child. Your happy baby will have a positive environment to grow. 

SATISFACTORY SLEEP: The soft light in hues of orange, pink, yellow, and red can act as chronotherapy. As children are naturally attracted to colors; these colors calm and relax an infant. These pleasant colors have a soothing and relaxing effect on your child’s brain. These will further positively affect his sleep. A child with a proper sleep has a broader chance of being healthier than those who get disrupted nights of sleep. Himalayan salt lamps can be kept around an infant to allow them to contribute to their sound sleep.

INCREASE CONCENTRATION AND PERFORMANCE: Although an infant might not be in the advanced concentrating and performing level, yet the negative ions in the air improve concentration and performance level of a child. The exposure of these lamps engages the mind to enhance a baby’s focus and functioning. Your baby can be more responsive to certain symbols with improved concentration and performance. Hence, these Himalayan salt lamps should be near your child or in their surrounding premises. 

AUGMENTS ENERGY LEVELS: It might be tough for you to make your infant present and active with an augmented energy level. This is especially beneficial for infants who are prone to allergies and seasonal fever. A child might feel dull for no reason or due to some illness, and these salt lamps will play a role in raising their energy level. The negative ions will promote refreshing effects. Your baby will feel close to nature in their presence. Hence, having rock salt lamps will let you observe a change in the energy levels of kids in their appearance.

DEODORIZED AIR: Along with playing its part in purifying the air, rock salt lamps have molecules that lock contaminated water molecules and turns them into the salt crystals. These will take away the odor of those contaminated molecules. Particles can be majorly contaminated through smoke and dust. The fresh smell of salt lingers in the purified air. This helps the baby in respiration and feel elated with the brilliant and subtle salt odor. 

PROTECTS YOU FROM THE RADIATIONS: Cell phones, televisions, computers, and other devices emit positive ions and electromagnetic radiations. The radiations can leave long-lasting health effects on babies. The doctors have always advised against the overexposure to these radiations for babies. Babies need a healthy environment, from Electromagnetic radiations. Himalayans salt lamps assist in keeping the environment free of Electromagnetic radiations. The negative ions reduce or neutralize these harmful radiations. Your kids breathing, growing up, and learning in an EM radiation free environment can be counted as one of the blessings. 

Babies are sensitive to minute things which are naked to the eyes or we are unaware off. Rock salt lamps play a vital part in keeping the harmful toxins, radiations away from infants by providing a fresh atmosphere. The mood-lifting of your child will contribute to making you a happy parent. Parenting can turn fun and stress-free if we try to avail all the mentioned benefits and backings of Himalayan salt lamps. Since it’s a product of nature, it’s presence will always be beneficial for your little angel infants who deserve the healthiest environment and surroundings.