How and Why Do People Celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival by Eating Mooncakes?

How and Why Do People Celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival by Eating Mooncakes?
Photo by Renato Marques on Unsplash

FoodFindsAsia | How and Why Do People Celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival by Eating Mooncakes? | You may have heard about the Mid-autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival. It’s a traditional Chinese holiday celebrating the autumn harvest and the full moon. One of the most popular ways to celebrate the holiday is by eating mooncakes.

Mooncakes are round or square pastries filled with various fillings, including lotus seed paste, bean paste, jujube paste, and nuts. They are often decorated with an imprint of the Chinese character for “longevity” or with images of the moon and other holiday symbols.

Mooncakes are thought to have originated in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), when they were used as a way to communicate messages during a rebellion secretly. The rebels would write messages on small pieces of paper and hide them inside the mooncakes. When the mooncakes were distributed to the emperor’s soldiers, the rebels would then be able to launch their attack.

People eat mooncakes today for a much different reason

Today, mooncakes are more of a treat than a tool for rebellion. They are often given as gifts to friends and family and eaten to celebrate the holiday.

If you’re in China during the Mid-autumn Festival, you’ll see mooncakes for sale everywhere, from street stalls to high-end bakeries. And if you’re lucky enough to be invited to a mooncake party, you’ll get to sample various flavors and fillings.

So why do people eat mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival?

There are a few reasons. First, mooncakes are a symbol of the harvest. The round shape of the mooncake represents the full moon, and the fillings represent the different fruits and nuts harvested in the autumn.

Second, eating mooncakes is a way to honor the moon. In Chinese culture, the moon is associated with feminine energy, which is said to be at its fullest and most beautiful during the Mid-autumn Festival.

Finally, mooncakes are a way to celebrate family and friends. The holiday is traditionally a time for family gatherings, and mooncakes are often given as gifts to loved ones.

You don’t have to be in China to enjoy a mooncake

People worldwide celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival, and you don’t have to be in China to enjoy a mooncake.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet, you can try making your own mooncakes at home. Or, you can buy mooncakes online or at Chinese supermarkets.

Some people even celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival by making mooncakes with a twist. For example, you can find mooncakes filled with chocolate, green tea, or even cheese.

Celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival in your own way

There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival. It’s one of those holidays you can celebrate your own way.

So whether you’re eating mooncakes, gazing at the moon, or spending time with family and friends, make sure to enjoy the holiday and all it has to offer.

Always remember that the moon will always be there to light your way. That same moon is what we all celebrate, along with the harvest that makes eating mooncakes possible. So, when you take a bite of your mooncake, think about the long history of this holiday and all the people who have celebrated it before you.

Photo by Renato Marques on Unsplash