How 9Apps Store Differ From Google Play Store

9Apps Store

When it comes to downloading any of the apps you all choose Google Play Store apps the Google Play Store you will see a lot of apps. So you use it to download anything based on your desired choice. No matter what it will be your choice in any case. But this app store is not the one you want of. Because there is no assurance that the app you require of will be available in this platform. 

If you want to choose your likely app then you need to have 9Apps store on your device. You may ask how best 9apps when compared with the Google Play store, is. In fact it is the superlative and good app store to acquire all your likely media contents. 

What is the difference between 9Apps and Google Play store?

Look at the points that differentiate 9Apps from Google Play store,

Free of cost:

When coming to the 9Apps store you will be allowed to download any of the apps with no money. All the apps present in this platform are easily able to take without cost. Not only app you are enabled to transfer any of the content such as customized things and other as well in the free of cost thus this platform for all sorts of users.

Alternatively when you choose to download any of the apps in the Google Play Store then you want to pay money sometimes. If you, that app for sure then you will pay money, right? Paying money all the time is not fair. But no way you ought to do that if you choose this platform.

Multiple numbers of apps:

In the 9Apps you will be provided with so many numbers of applications. The app includes both apps that are popular in all sorts of app store alongside app that are very rare to see. You will see so many numbers of the app. Thus you all set to choose anything based on your choice. So making use of this app for downloading any of the apps is right always.

But in the Google Play store you will see only some amount of apps. From that alone you are required to choose any of the tools. There is no way of satisfying your choice. Even if you give you’re searching app it will offer the tools that are available in the platform. Other than that you will not be allowed to transfer any of the application.


When it comes to the security feature both app offering platform is good. But the 9Apps offer only the app that does not make any issue in the future. That is why you want to choose 9Apps all the tools are pre-tested and then alone uploaded on the platform. Thus you won’t get any problem in any way.

These are the points that explain you about the 9apps and Google Play store. Take a look and decide what to use.