High Tech Hotels of Asia


Places like Japan and Singapore are known for pushing hospitality tech to the next level. That’s why anyone traveling to an Asian country should find out just what high tech options they have before booking their hotel. Once they do, Dunhill Travel Deals can help guide the way to great rates on luxurious, forward-thinking accommodations. As an example of just how high-tech these hotels can get, here’s a list of some of the most technologically advanced hotels in Asia.

The Peninsula — Tokyo, Japan

Incredible design that evokes the future and the past all at once and awesome tech features, like customizable lighting in every room, are the primary reasons to stay at this absolutely gorgeous hotel. They’re not the only reasons, however. The hotel also offers an augmented reality Pokemon Hunt for the little ones (and presumably some not so little ones) who can’t get enough of Pokemon Go.

The W Singapore

This one is for music fans. Imagine taking a dive in a swimming pool and having the music follow you underwater (thanks to some neat underwater speakers), or playing the mix of your choice from behind the decks of the private DJ booth included in the hotel’s WOW Suite. The pool is gorgeous, and the private poolside cabanas provided to guests are ideal for spending a carefree, sun-soaked afternoon.

Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel — Shenzhen, China

For those who really want to see what it’s like to live inside a science fiction movie, the Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel is a must. Spend your nights nestled in a bunk straight out of Alien, and spend your nights being served by robo-waiters. On top of all that, this one of a kind hotel is very inexpensive (these minimal and futuristic features make for an efficient and cost-effective business model).

The Upper House Hong Kong

This elegantly designed hotel uses tech in a way befitting great hospitality. Technology is integral to the Upper House experience, but is also so well integrated the guest may never notice it’s there. For example, each room comes with motion sensors that allow housekeeping staff to know when you’re in your room. That means, no more “Do Not Disturb” signs to worry about.

Whatever your destination is or however far in the future you plan on going, when choosing the right hotel for your next trip, be sure to search using Dunhill Travel Deals.