Healthy Eating: When to Eat and What to Eat on Meal Times

meal times

Patricia Aleckzandra | FoodFindsAsia

They say what you eat is what your are. That is why, we should eat healthy to be healthy. If you still have troubles in what to eat during meals, here are some foods you might want to consider and include in your diet.

Before breakfast
30 minutes before having breakfast, squeeze seven pieces of calamansi. Drink pure calamansi on an empty stomach in order to purify and detox your body from toxins. This will also give you a boost in your metabolism.

Whoever told you that anytime of the day is the best time to eat fruits is lying to you. Eat fruits in the morning when sugar from the fruits can be easily distributed through our body. Oranges and apples are good for breakfast. Not only is both fruits are good for the heart but it also promotes brain activity, helps in concentration, increase energy, and provides fiber that your body needs. You can also add nuts in your breakfast.

A good lunch should provide you with enough energy for the rest of the afternoon. That means lessening your carbohydrates. Catherine Collins of the British Dietetic Association said that foods rich in carbohydrates will make you sleepy because they encourage the body to produce a chemical called serotonin that causes you to feel tired. It is more advisable to eat chicken, egg, cheese, and tuna for lunch. You can also have roast beef which is also an excellent source of nutrition containing plenty of iron and is low in fat.

Ditch the chips and chocolates, and go for something healthy. Aim for salads and nuts. Just add a pinch of salt, pepper, and olive oil for flavor.

Two things you should consider at dinner: one, it should carry on until breakfast, and two, the serving. For your evening meal, include foods that are rich in protein and fiber. Try adding to your diet beans, whole-wheat pasta, and white meat such as chicken and fish. You should also watch out the serving of your dinner.

After Dinner
Before going to bed, you can drink green tea. There are many health benefits of drinking green tea. You can check five benefits of green tea here.

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