Hacks to Keep Your Employees Happy


By: Ana Margarita Olar | Foodfindsasia.com | Many times, employees choose to stay not because of money; they choose to settle with companies where they feel happy, appreciated, and fulfilled. Here are the tips to keep your employees happy:

Happy-Employee 1

Let employees feel valued

A simple “thank you” from managers is enough to make their day. But, many times, because you are busy thinking with other managerial tasks, you forget to give the compliments they deserve.

Even if the workload is heavy, the feeling of job satisfaction is important to keep them deliver result. If something goes wrong, avoid harsh words and talk to them in private. Offer avenues for improvement.

Smile, ask about their family or ask “how are you doing today” are simple questions that can create a lighter working environment. You can even simply gift them with a personalized Tshirt and their day will brighten up (just contact favorite Tshirt professional for this!). You may also checkout thebestvinylcutters.com for some heat press ideas. Deadlines and quotas can be stressful so give no place for a stressful boss.

Create a healthy and productive environment

Companies today do recognize that employee’s health is a great asset.

First, healthy employees tend to be more productive. Absences are lessened and the waste of productive time is avoided when they have a stronger body.

There are few twists that you can do to create a healthier working environment:

  • Put live green plants on tables or corners
  • Offer free green tea or black coffee with brown sugar
  • Post inspirational quotes as portraits or display
  • Let sunlight and fresh air come in
  • Offer vegetables and fruits on canteens
  • Organize files and de-clutter your place

Support employee’s ideas to promote autonomy

You would not like an employee who calls for simple troubleshoots. Managers can focus on other tasks if employees knew how to solve certain challenges arise on their level.

So, if your staffs do have ideas, support it. It boosts confidence and encourages them to be a good decision maker. Involve your people in making decisions or creating goals for the company. It promotes ownership and makes them feel that they belong.

As a final word, keeping the employee happy is not a matter of monetary reward. Most of the time, it can be about you as the leader and boss. Make them feel valued and you’ll see how they can help the company reach greater achievements.

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